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This is a question that every aspiring commercial roofing contractor needs to know. If you can decide what those clients want, your company will be invincible! Unfortunately, determining that need and then addressing it appears to be where many roofing companies fail.

The Top Five

Commercial property owners have an entirely different focus than residential property owners. They are, first and foremost, businesspeople. You must target your marketing and communications toward that emphasis if you want to catch their attention, get their employment, and keep them as long-term clients.


Homeowners are frequently concerned about their budget and costs. A business owner, on the other hand, is more concerned with the entire value of the company. They care less about the quantity of the initial investment if you can demonstrate them how it will outperform, outlast, or otherwise benefit them in the long run.

Show the cost analysis for the several solutions you’re suggesting in your proposal. Include information on potential labor savings, energy bill savings as a consequence of decreased cooling costs, and, where applicable, information on potential tax credits if you’re recommending a coating or single-ply alternative. All of this adds to the value of the installation and simplifies the decision-making process.

Carry it out

Which would you rather work with as a business owner? Who would you rather deal with: the person who promises the moon but never delivers, or the one who, despite being more expensive, always delivers what they promise? So, what sort of roofing contractor do you consider yourself to be?

Companies who fail to deliver on their commitments are well-known to commercial business owners. Though you may be able to acquire that first job, if you fail to follow through on your work or job quality, you will rapidly find that others are getting subsequent projects from your clients.


Your potential client is a business owner. They don’t want to be involved in your business as well. In the eyes of the customer, the contractor who is well organized, capable of setting up independently, and completing the project without excessively interfering with the business owner is a winner.

The key to success is organization. Your organization and workforce must be well-organized, with clear protocols and methods in place to do the task without the assistance of others. Before you start the project, make sure you’ve answered any queries you or your customer could have. This type of company stands out in the crowd.

Take care of the mess

It may appear to be a minor issue, yet we are discussing their business. Ensure that the area surrounding the site is clear regularly, and that the clean-up is thorough following completion.

Paying attention to this degree of detail demonstrates your professionalism and demonstrates your regard for the commercial building owner and his or her renters. Failure to perform these things will be recognized, even if it is never acknowledged, and will weigh strongly against any future initiatives they may have.


The owner or manager of a commercial firm or a property has a lot on his or her plate. It goes a long way to have clear communication, whether it’s via email, phone call, or text.

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