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At Preferred Roofing, we proudly offer advanced roofing solutions tailored to meet the specific needs of commercial properties in Oklahoma City. Our expertise lies in lightweight, environmentally friendly, durable, and seamless spray foam roofing systems. Designed to insulate, cool, and save energy, our spray foam roof system ensures cost efficiency for your business while eliminating the need for future tear-offs.

Our mission goes beyond mere installation; we are dedicated to ensuring that your roof lasts the entire lifespan of your building. Through a combination of regular upkeep and our comprehensive warranty, we guarantee that your roof remains protected, addressing any potential issues promptly.

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Top Spray Foam Roof Services 

Foam on Bitumen

Modified Bitumen roofs present challenges, such as seams that create weak spots prone to failure and water penetration. The dark color of Modified Bitumen traps heat, leading to higher energy costs. At Preferred Roofing, we offer a superior alternative with our foam and coating roof. Our monolithic foam structure has no seams, ensuring a strong and water-resistant roofing system.

Spray Foam roof OKC Bitumen
Spray Foam roof in OKC

Spray Polyurethane Foam (SPF)

Spray Polyurethane Foam (SPF), one of our best roofing solutions, excels in both insulation and waterproofing. Its uniform composition eliminates seams, reducing the risk of water breaches. Our cutting-edge Class 4 hail-rated coating further enhances the system’s reliability, ensuring defense against Oklahoma’s rain and hail storms.

Foam On Tar

Tar-and-gravel roofs, although initially cost-effective, are heavy and inefficient. Our foam and coating system provides a lightweight yet robust alternative, removing excess gravel and applying a system that insulates the building, reflects UV rays, and drastically lowers energy costs.

Spray Foam roof OKC foam on tar

Why do commercial property owners love spray foam roofing?

Leak Prevention: Our system stops leaks, maintains a watertight barrier, and saves money on repairs.

Energy and Cost Savings: We significantly reduce energy consumption, leading to substantial monetary savings.

Long-lasting Warranty: Backed by a 12-18 year non-prorated warranty, our spray foam roof solution ensures enduring performance.

Cost-Effective Solution: A more affordable alternative to complete roof replacement, optimizing budget allocation.

Roof Lifespan Extension: Adds years to the life of your roof, enhancing its durability and value.

Resilience Against Hail: Boasts a Class 4 Hail Rating, providing robust defense against even the harshest hailstorms.

We offer More than Spray Foam Roofing Services 

Metal Roofing

Metal Roofing Service


Discover the pinnacle of durability and sophistication for your commercial property with our exceptional metal roofing services at Preferred Roofing. Our expertise lies in delivering top-tier metal roofing solutions that stand the test of time. Elevate your building’s aesthetics with a sleek and modern metal roof that enhances curb appeal and provides unmatched resilience against the elements. From weather resistance to longevity, our metal roofing options ensure a robust shield for your commercial space. With a variety of styles and finishes to choose from, you can customize the look to align seamlessly with your brand image.

Invest in longevity, style, and low maintenance for your commercial roofing needs with our premium metal roofing solutions offered by Preferred Roofing.

Silicone Roofing

Silicone Roof Coating


Transform your commercial property into a fortress of protection with our cutting-edge silicone roofing services at Preferred Roofing. Silicone roofing offers a revolutionary solution that combines versatility and durability, making it an ideal choice for commercial structures. Our expert team at Preferred Roofing specializes in applying silicone roof coatings that provide a seamless, waterproof barrier, ensuring your property remains shielded from the harshest weather conditions. The flexibility of silicone allows for easy application, adapting to various roof shapes and structures. Say goodbye to leaks, cracks, and frequent maintenance hassles. With our silicone roofing solutions, you not only enhance your commercial roof’s longevity but also benefit from energy efficiency and reduced lifecycle costs. Elevate your property’s protection standards with Preferred Roofing—your trusted partner for silicone roofing excellence.

TPO Roofing

TPO Roofing


TPO (Thermoplastic Olefin) roofing is a cutting-edge solution for commercial properties, renowned for its durability, energy efficiency, and versatility. This single-ply roofing membrane offers exceptional resistance to UV radiation, ensuring longevity and weather resistance. TPO roofs are commonly heat-welded during installation, creating strong seams that enhance the system’s overall resilience against leaks. With their reflective properties, TPO roofs contribute to energy efficiency by reducing heat absorption, ultimately lowering cooling costs for businesses.

Whether it’s a new installation, repair, or maintenance, TPO roofing represents a modern and reliable choice for commercial structures, combining performance with eco-friendly features.

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Spray Foam Roof

Spray Foam Roofing FAQ

Spray foam roof insulation is a great idea for increasing your roof’s lifespan. With maintenance and regular inspections, spray foam insulation can help increase the lifetime of your current roof.

The main disadvantages could be the chance of overspray depending on the weather in Oklahoma and yearly maintenance.

20+ years

If it is maintained properly, it can last much longer than 20 years. That is why yearly inspections are essential.




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