Blog, roofing companies in okc . September 2, 2021

Scams in the roofing industry are far more widespread than you would think. They can be among the most dangerous and expensive scams you’ll ever come across. Unfortunately, the roof is one area where you rarely pay attention because you have to physically climb onto it to see whether there is any damage. Alternatively, consider purchasing a drone with video imaging capabilities. From the ground, you might be able to discern the condition of the shingles from certain angles, but nothing extensive. Heavy storms can cause damage to a roof, especially if it’s an older roof, but they’re not the most serious problem. However, it is one method a storm chasing roof company could worm their way into not only your roof but also your money account. Finding the right roofing company is giving the best shot for the roof.

Where do storm chasers come from and why are they so dangerous?

After a storm, a storm chaser roof company will seek your business, particularly if numerous roofs in the vicinity have been damaged. They’ll pretend there’s significant damage to your roof, whether or not there is, in order to persuade you that their firm is the most cost-effective way to get things addressed. The most obvious clue that you’re dealing with a Storm Chaser is:

  • They arrive unannounced and inform you that their company is located outside of town. They might even try to claim that they’re aiming to extend their community by venturing out. They have no business being there if you didn’t call them beforehand.
  • If you can’t wait for your roofing company to start, these folks can always do it for a fraction of the price. They’ll try to persuade you that their service is cheaper by using fast-talking, fancy jargon. If they do manage to get onto your roof (which is unlikely), they’ll use the cheapest material available in order to make as much money as possible.
  • They’ll pretend to be from your insurance company, but they’ll have no documentation to back up their claim. While some insurance companies cooperate with certain companies, you will have to do the legwork to get the right company on your property; that is, your insurance company will not simply send someone. You’ll be the one who calls to schedule a roof repair appointment. When they arrive, the roofer will be able to show correct identification.
  • They are very convincing and try to persuade you to use their services. You’ll hear statements like “This is a one-time deal.” or “Right now, you’re putting your family’s life at jeopardy.” It’s a scare tactic to get you to pay for their “amazing” services right now.

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