Blog, flat roof repair . October 18, 2022

A roofing service has various options to meet your residential or commercial needs. Likewise, you will get numerous flat roof systems on the market. We will provide some details that will simplify your flat roof repair task. Furthermore, you will learn about the most common flat roof types and their attributes.

Flat roofs offer economic advantages to industrial establishments and homes. They also leave optimum space for installing AC units and solar panels. We have just revealed a glimpse of what you can expect. You will receive more convenience and benefits, which we will cover in this blog post. However, choosing an appropriate flat roof type is necessary according to your requirement.

Let’s Start with the Basics

On average, a good-quality flat roof offers durability of 9-20 years. However, the life span may vary depending on the use of materials, the work experience of the pros and your regular maintenance. An improper roof installation hints toward the necessity of an immediate flat roof repair (if you are unhappy with the lifespan distortion.) It will help if you talk to a reliable roofing company to handle the installation work.

Exploring the Popular Flat Roof Types

Beginning the Exploration with BUR: Built-up roofs usually contain Gravel and hot tar. Of course, they are famous for their exceptional affordability. But what’s the primary purpose of using these roofing types? Fire safety! Gravel leads to the fire-retardant property of BUR.

Elevating the Roofing Game with TPO: Thermoplastic Polyolefin, or TPO, offers numerous beneficial properties. The fabrication process includes the use of ethyl-propylene and propylene rubbers. It’s due to these components that you obtain a flat membrane piece.

Have you ever been worried about the cooling costs? No more hassle now! Fortunately, TPOs can reflect the sun’s heat effectively. Oops! We forgot to mention the installation ease. Furthermore, these are highly bendable, recyclable and durable.

Metal and its Promise of Unmatched Strength: You must be familiar with the longevity aspect of metals like aluminum and steel. The only requirement is proper installation and the result is exceptional durability. Furthermore, they are easy to install due to their lightweight feature.

What’s an Ideal Fit for Your Roofing Project?

Although we have shared some common flat roof types, it can be challenging to pick a suitable option. In addition, you have to observe multiple factors before choosing a flat roof repair work. If you are unsure what to do in these circumstances, we have a solution: call the experts of Preferred Roofing!

We are responsible for standing behind our work and finalizing an ideal roofing solution. Our expert team walks clients through every crucial step, making satisfaction a possibility. Reclaim the good days of roofing durability by connecting with our pros!