Blog, flat roof repair . October 12, 2022

Alligatoring and blistering are the two most common problems in membrane roofing systems. Crazed cracking patterns on the surface of the roof are considered alligatoring. As the name suggests, it looks like an alligator’s skin. On the other hand, in blistering conditions, bubbles form underneath the membranes of the roof.

Sometimes, you notice cracks on the rooftop due to blistering, but it does not create a form. The cracks mainly form the length of the blisters. Read this article to learn the underlying causes and how you can crack them easily. Contact a professional flat roof repair company in OKC immediately if you notice blistering and alligatoring in your roof.

What Are the Leading Causes Behind That?

When tiny air pockets get stuck beneath the roofing membrane, blistering can occur there. The condition worsens after exposure to direct sunlight which causes the expansion of moisture pockets and stretches of the membrane. Alligators can also occur on flat roofs due to debris, water and exposure to the sun.

Remember that having alligatoring indicates your roof is aging. The UV rays dry and damage the top surface; after a couple of years, you may notice small cracks. If you avoid these minor problems, they may get worse. Sunlight, ice and healing shifts between day and night lead to new damage and widen the existing gaps.

How Can You Fix the Problems?

1. Blistering

According to the expert, you should leave the signs of blistering unless they indicate more severe damage. But there are certain circumstances where you should repair the damages;

  • The membrane has cracked
  • The surface is coming off of the blistered area
  • The blistering site receives foot traffic

First, cut away the membrane to reach the area where the membrane still adheres to the roof. There you have to apply new membrane material over the affected area. You must ensure that the element extends at least six inches around the site to make it leakage-proof.

2. Alligatoring

To prevent further development around the alligatoring area, you must apply at least a new layer to the site. First, clean the roof and remove all the loose dirt, and debris from the surface.

Next, you must apply a primer according to the texture of the original surface. Since alligatoring is a common problem, house owners should hire a professional flat roof repair company to inspect it twice yearly.

The Roofer You Can Trust

Over time, as our house settled and shifted, so did the roofing membrane. There is not anything you can do to prevent it. You may notice signs of alligatoring and blister on your roof gradually. But maintaining the rooftop would increase its durability and reduce the frequent repair cost.

However, hiring an expert flat roof repair company would be your best bet to battle against these types of roofing issues. You can contact us at Preferred Roofing since we provide various services and solve numerous roofing problems of our customers across OKC.