SPF (Spray Foam Polyurethane) represents roofing substances that remain an underrated option in OKC. Although most people contact roofing companies for other materials, SPF offers some incredible features. The value you obtain from these roofing systems adds exceptional superiority to your project. However, some people are unfamiliar with their basics. Therefore, we have decided to unveil the attributes via this blog post.

Manufacturing an SPF roof includes spraying and blending double-component liquid sticking to the substrate. After applying the initial foam, the pros safeguard the foam with a protective surface to prevent elemental damage. The primary components constituting the foam include polyol and isocyanate. The application occurs via transfer pumps, transferring substances at one-to-one ratios. Here are other details to decipher.

What Remains in the Topmost Region?

SPF roofs imply a dual-component system, the initial part being the sturdy SPF insulation. The second segment is safe surfacing, representing a spray-applied coating. A few roofing companies also apply these coatings manually. An elastomeric coating helps to ensure UV protection, weatherproofing, higher fire resistance and mechanical damage safety.

Pro Revelation: Although one can apply various SPF roof coatings, we recommend using a silicone coating. Let’s observe some primary merits below.

The Promise of Renewability

A highly overlooked feature of an SPF roof is its recoating ability. However, well-maintained and installed roofing systems sustain coating for 12-20 years. You have to analyze the remnant coating thickness to ensure recoating necessity.

The Feature of Better R-Value

Spray polyurethane foam offers the most excellent R-value among the various roofing materials. But what does this term imply? It unveils an insulating material’s capacity to repel heat flow. Higher R-values indicate minimal HVAC use and minimal energy costs.

The Installation Ease

Have you ever thought about why SPF roofs ensure faster installation? Explore the reasons why:

  • Spray application ensures the ease of reaching various penetrations.
  • Almost all SPF roofing tasks involve zero to minimum tear-offs.
  • These roofing systems demand less equipment and substances compared to other roofs.

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