Blog, Spray Foam Roofing OKC . May 4, 2020

p>After installing your roof, it is important for you to maintain it. When you go for roof coatings, you ensure that the life span of your roof is extended.You need to understand that roof coating is different from normal painting. When you go for spray foam roofing, you actually add strength to your roof. You can ensure that your roof will be safe and can be able to handle harsh weather or any other damage.

Roof coating has higher solid content. These are designed to protect the roofs from the environment that often become harsh due to massive weather change. Issues like UV light, wind or rain can damage your roof if you do not ensure extra protection. Read on to know the types of coatings available in the market and which one is suitable for your roof.

  • Asphalt Coatings

This type of coatings is beneficial for the roof to keep it protected from UV rays. Apart from that, good mechanical properties also ensure that the roof remain strong in cold and inclement weather as well.

  • Polyurethane Coatings

With two main types of coatings—aromatic and aliphatic, this type of coatings also provide protection from UV rays. It ensures strong abrasion resistance.

  • Spray Foam Coatings

This spray foam coatings help you to protect your roof from wind, humidity, temperature. This coating systems is ‘easy-to-apply’ and also affordable at the same time. You can call a professional roofing company to get your spray foam roofing done.

Benefits of Roof Coatings

There are different benefits of roof coatings that you should be aware of before you opt for it.

  • Reduce Temperature of Your Home

The coatings on your roof help keep your house cooler in the hot and humid season. It reduces the amount of heat absorbed in the home through the metals and other materials involved in the installation of the roof.

  • Extended Life of Your Roof

The coatings create a resilient barrier on your roof from any damage. There are a lot of elements like harsh weather, wind, UV rays or ice etc. that can harm and damage your roof eventually. Apart from that, natural calamities like storm or tornedoes that can damage the roof partially. However, coatings can ensure protection to the roof in such a situation.

  • Resistance from Fade

With ages, the color of your roof can fade. However, when you go for a coating, it is assured that color will not fade with time.

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