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Spray Polyurethane Foam (SPF) Roof System


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Spray polyurethane foam roofs are lightweight, environmentally friendly, durable and seamless. Our spray foam roofing system in OKC will insulate, cool and save energy, which will save your business money. Plus, the system will never have to be torn off.

We install roofs that will last as long as your building does. If you perform occasional, necessary maintenance, the roof will be constantly covered by our warranty. This means that we are there if there is ever a problem. Unlike many companies, we've been here for a long time – and we aren't going anywhere.

SPF is the best insulator and water-proofer money can buy. Its monolithic construction means there are no seams to fail and let water in. With our Class 4 hail rated coating, even the nastiest of storms will not leave your building leaking.

Benefits of the Foam Roofing System

  • Stops leaks

  • Saves energy and money

  • 12-18 Year, nonprorated warranty

  • More affordable than replacement

  • Extends roof life

  • Class 4 Hail Rating

  1. Closed cell foam (any leakage remains localized)

    1. R-7 per inch (insulated for year-round energy efficiency)

    2. No seams

    3. No fasteners (lack of thermal shorts)

    4. Tough surface withstands light foot traffic

    5. Sustainable – can be recoated, for years of extended life

    6. Easily repaired if damaged

  2. Elastomeric base coat

  3. White, highly reflective elastomeric top coat. These Energy Star-rated coatings reflect away as much as 85 percent of the sun’s UV rays. This, along with the added insulation-value of the foam, pays big dividends in energy savings.

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