Blog, flat roof repair . May 11, 2020

In contrast, the majority of commercial roofs use a flat roof system that has a space to direct water and waste. The flat roof protects a commercial building effectively with a completely different roofing approach and also offers many surprising advantages over residential roofs. For regular maintenance and repairs, a commercial roof is much easier to access. It is also much cheaper to repair a flat roof or replace than its counterparts on the residential roof as work is much simpler and materials are cheaper.

Detect the Roofing Problem

Usually you don’t need to wonder if your roof is having grave problems. The water leaks through the ceiling are one of the most significant signs of the roof damage. It’s a good idea to inspect your roof for more significant damage if you place a bucket under the leak. A team can check for both clear signs of wear on the roof and minor damage if left unresolved that can cause serious problems.

Know That You Need Roof Repair

On every commercial flat roof, regular maintenance is a must. An inspection of small repair projects should be carried out every year on all commercial roofs. In order to carry out any repairs to HVAC systems, exhaust piping, fans and other roof equipment, any systems on your roof should also be replaced. Again, though, serious issues have to be dealt with, a flat roof replacement can be considered.

Signs of Roofing problem

Damaged Flashing

Flashing is a part of a flat roof system that is often overlooked, but extremely important. If you lift damage or even throw the metal around your chimney, vents and other devices, your flat roof will sustain severe humidity damage over time.

When taken early, damaged flashing can be repaired rapidly and relatively easily. Replacing the bolt on your flat roof before more damage can happen will save you a lot of time and money.

Blister and Cracks

Flat roofs have unique symptoms and signs that repairs or replacements are necessary. One of these signs is that the ceiling membrane is blistering, bubbling and cracking.

If your flat roof has a top layer which looks like the sun or the hot weather has damaged it and starts bubbling or breaking down, the membrane probably has to be replaced. A patch repair could only be sufficient when it appears at one isolated spot.

Water Pooling

One of the most revealing signs of replacing a flat roof is standing water. Although we call it “flat roofs,” every roof is slightly pitched in fact. This ensures that the water is properly dumped and prevents standing water ponds on the roof.

If you have an age or damage to the roof deck and materials tilting, your roof will prevent water repelling so effectively that water can accumulate. These pools and puddles will cause further damage as humidity enters the roofing system.

It is time to call a roofing contractor fast to replace if you notice your flat roof sinking, or see that puddles start to settle up on the roof. Contact Preferred Roofing in OKC for flat roof repair. We will inspect and remove the problem from the roots.