Everybody knows that a spray foam roofing system provides such benefits that no other roofing material competes with. Generally, experts use this material in a softer form and any constructed building adopts it quickly. Sprayed Polyurethane Foam has been used in the roofing industry for over 45 years. This material is a combination of polyol and isocyanate.

Roofing professionals pour the components through a machine that pumps them into a spray gun. After that, they apply the material to the roof. Due to this unique application, spray foam roofing has various advantages. Let’s explore them step by step.

What Are the Advantages of This Roofing System?

  • Energy Efficiency

Foam roofing systems save up to 30% more energy than other roofing systems. According to the research, the savings in energy cost for 4.5 years can pay for the new roof installation cost. The researchers have also found that house owners can reduce their cooling and heating energy by 50%.

  • Versatility

One of the most significant advantages of a spray foam roofing system is installing it in any house and location. This roofing system provides the same effect regardless of location.

  • Longevity

This roofing system has no doubt an excellent lifespan. After installation, it can serve you for almost 15 to 20 years efficiently. Regular maintenance will do the rest of the work. After a certain period, the protective layer of this system will wear thin and you have to replace it. Recoating the protective layer can extend the lifespan for another 15 to 20 years.

What Are the Other Benefits of a Spray Foam Roofing System?

  • Lower life cycle costs
  • Renewable and sustainable
  • Eco-friendly
  • No business interruption during the installation
  • Use cool roof technology and offers and lower cooling costs
  • Custom insulation and slope

Your Roof Needs Us

Remember, a spray foam roofing system only requires frequent repair in order to remain in good condition. The fact is that external factors can’t damage this system easily. But you have to repair the roof occasionally, but it is easy to make.

For a simple DIY, all you need is a rag, a razor knife and a tube of caulk. With the help of these things, you can get the roof back in working condition. But, for major roofing issues, you need to call for a professional as DIY can be risky. Contact us at Preferred Roofing in OKC if you want to know more about it.