Spray foam is widely used, and it is also considered as one of the most effective materials in terms of energy efficiency and durability. Being a building owner, you want to improve the energy efficiency: and spray foam roofing will be a good option for that.

What is spray foam?

It is actually a polyurethane solution that is made up of two liquid components. It is sprayed with the aid of a wand to kill the weeds in the backyard. When two liquids mixed, it creates a shaving like foam structure. Two liquids mixed when they are sprayed out from the applicator.

Impact of spray foam roofing

In recent times, urban heat island effect come to light. There is a plethora of reflective materials in the urban areas. Amid this, most of the large amounts of solar energy releases over time. A recent study states that, clusters of the warmer temperature have the impacts on environment. The study also says that, most of the light-coloured roofs have uses 40% less energy to cool the building as compared to the commercial roofing.

How will spray foam roofing help you save bucks?

May be it seems that spray foam roofing is an extra expense. In the context of commercial roofing, it will save you to save more money. Here are the benefits-

  • After implementing commercial roofing, your building will be cooler, as a result there will be less temperature fluctuation. It will help to maximize the productivity of the employees.
  • The amount of energy will significantly decrease. In turn, it will help to decrease the bill of the entire building as well.
  • Air conditioner will have the lesser workloads: which is what it will help to increase their lifespan.
  • Roofs are guaranteed to last significantly longer if they are covered with polyurethane foam.

Why spray foam roofs are the super insulator

As spray foam expands to fill the entire area, potential areas to escape the air will be sealed. One inch of polyurethane foam is enough for generating the highest R-value of insulation. In the context of commercial roofing, polyurethane roofs help to save the costs of the building owners.

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