Extreme winter conditions in Oklahoma are a part of life. When controlling the effect of wild winter weather on your properties is important when maintaining a commercial property. Extremely low temperatures often mean snow and ice, with which a commercial flat roof will wreak havoc. Repairing your roof before things get worse is one of the key measures that you can take to avoid disasters in your company.

Preferred Roofing’s commercial roofers have experience in repair and replacement of roofs. We will address in this blog post, how we can protect your flat commercial roof from preventive winter damage. See the details as given by the roofing companies.

How winter affects the company roof

Extreme temperatures alone do not cause your commercial roof the greatest harm. The most damage is caused by a freezing and thawing period. If it is snowing, it will end up with a flat roof with snow and winter precipitation. Snow and precipitation melt and run off the rooftop into the gutter system on a residential roof. On the commercial flat roof however, the water will refreeze and produce a frozen lake if the heat inside the building melts the snow bank deposited on the roof. In the meantime, water melting through damage points will flow into your house, damage your land and let mold and mildew grow. You need to go for flat roof repair immediately you notice the issue.

Significant Preventing Repairs

Repairs are held up as soon as they need to be so that harm in the freeze and thaw cycle is mitigated. Also small cracks and damage could make it possible for water to sickly in and cause the mold to proliferate. However, it makes repairs incredibly expensive to allow these issues to eventually deteriorate. If you neglect little issues, you raise the probability of a flat roof contractor substituting your roof. Before that, our roofing repair team is using infrarot imaging technology to identify any existing issues. We can then use rehabilitation on the roof to bring the roof back to its height to reduce more costs.

Our offerings are as follows:

  • EPDM membranes of rubber
  • TPO diaphragms GAF
  • Last Duro Roofs
  • Reparations of the roof for every building scale
  • Full roof substitution

Oklahoma’s Roofing Experts of Commercial Flat Roof

You may find that your inventory or equipment was affected by a leaky roof, which can be uncomfortable and expensive. Before it hits, prevent significant damage or even a collapse of the roof. Preferred Roofing provides expert contracting services for your TPO or flat roof repair service in the Oklahoma area.