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It takes several components of a roof to protect a whole house. Every homeowner in Oklahoma City needs to be careful about whether their roof is in perfect shape. The roof keeps the entire house protected from all outside elements, so regular maintenance is necessary. Natural phenomena like heavy storms and rain can cause serious problems with your roof, especially for their soffit and fascia. If you find any issue regarding the soffit, you should also check your fascia as they are known to work hand in hand. It would help if you considered calling a professional for your roof repair in Oklahoma, as doing it all by yourself can be very stressful.

Definition of Soffit and Fascia

You will notice that the edge of your roof gives the roof an enclosed space that keeps the water from entering your home. The eaves trough is attached to the fascia board and usually is outward-facing. You will notice a soffit at the underside of the edge, which is attached to the wall of the house. They provide attic ventilation and work at a 90-degree angle, which stops any insect or bug from entering your attic.

Some of the Signs That Your Soffit and Fascia Need Replacement are:

  • Bad Gutter

You probably have soffit and fascia problems if you see any sign of your gutter getting

clogged or any other problem. It would be best if you considered getting your roof repair done in this case. You have to see if your gutter is not looking entirely secure, then you have to replace both your soffit and fascia.

  • Moisture Getting Created

One way you can realize if your soffit or fascia is having a problem is by inspecting moisture problems in your roof. If you don’t get your roof repair done as soon as possible, then it will keep spreading throughout the inner structure, so keep a lookout for discolored areas or patches. This can make all the wood in your home rot and weaken the roof’s trusses and rafters.

  • The Paint is Flaky

Once the paint of your house begins to peel, it will make space for the water to get in your

house. As the fascia is made of wood, the water will start creating moisture, and the wood will begin rotting. Professionals will always suggest roof repair in this case.

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