Blog, flat roof repair . July 20, 2022

Though the flat roof is trendy for commercial roofs, many residential homes also choose it. The homeowners get three options for their roof if they choose a flat roofing material for their home. If you select a suitable material, you can maintain it better and make a better decision about flat roof repair or replacing the roof in the future.

You must see which ones are more long-lasting, flexible, and compliment your house structure. Not just that roof plays a very important role in saving your electricity bill so choosing the most energy-efficient one is important. Though you don’t have many options available when the flat roof is concerned, you should know what to look for while installing a new one.

  • Rubber Membrane Roof

Rubber membrane roofs, also called EPDM, are a popular flat roofing option that is fairly, very easy to recognize. This single-ply has membrane material that can resist sunlight. This material is very easy to install and is comparatively lightweight. Most roof repair companies suggest that this kind of flat roof repair is easier to do because of the lightweight. It is installed in two basic ways: either ballasted down with large river stone or adhered or glued down. Rubber roofs that are ballasted down are usually black or white in color and are stretched tight over an insulation board. The rocks that cover the roof are more extensive than that built-up roof and are not stuck to the roof with tar.

  • Built-Up Roof

A built-up roof is a combination of tar and gravel, the mainstay of the roofing system. It has been in the roofing industry for many years and is exactly what it sounds like. The roofer uses four layers of roofing material and hot tar before putting down a layer of gravel. Workers heat the tar on the job site in a boiler and then put it on the floor. Then when that is done, the roof is surrounded by pea gravel. One of the advantages is that the tar is going to protect your home from harmful UV rays. In this kind, regular flat roof repair is not needed if it is maintained properly.

  • Modified Bitumen Roofing

This is just like a built-up roof, mainly composed of asphalt roll. It is made of two layers, a cap, and a base sheet, and is installed in four ways. The hot is put in with blistering tar, the cold is applied with primary solvent, then it is torched down in open flames, and at the end cap and the base are stuck together.

Choose the Best Flat Roof

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