Blog, Commercial Roofing . July 6, 2022

People in OKC understand the protective role of a well-installed roof. These roofing systems help safeguard your loved ones from harsh conditions. Furthermore, they act as an irreplaceable money-saving deal in the long run. Retrofitted standing seam metal roofs ensure energy efficiency for residential and commercial roofing needs.

You will get two standing seam systems for commercial facilities: structural and architectural systems. The former aims to prioritize functionality over aesthetics. On the contrary, architectural designs enhance the appearance of your building. Metal roofing ensures the affordability and practicality of installation. In addition, it lasts longer with proper maintenance and provides the best protection. Let us explore the benefits of metal roof retrofits.

  • Significantly Less Downtime

With metal retrofitting, organizations are least likely to shut down anytime. Undeniably, downtime for business operations in OKC can become a costly affair. The roof removal process can invite inevitable downtime. However, this is not the case with commercial roof retrofits. They allow the commercial operations to run uninterrupted as the original roof remains intact.

  • Reduction of Tear-Off Expenses

Choosing a commercial roofing retrofit prevents the disposal and tear-off costs. This process avoids the labor of roof removal, saving you more money. In addition to this, you also obliterate the burdensome disposal fees.

  • Minimal Construction Timeline

Retrofitting often beats the remove and replace option with a shorter construction timeline. New roof installations can occur directly over the existing roof. In this procedure, you do not lose the time and energy on old roof removal.

  • The Safety Factor

Commercial metal roof retrofits raise the bar of safety considerations. The retrofit options allow the installation crews to walk and work on the existing roof. Also, it lowers the possibility of damage from falling stuff like tools or debris.

  • Long-Lasting Potential

Commercial metal roof retrofits aim to enhance the longevity of your existing roof. Furthermore, lower maintenance and longer life pave the way for lifetime savings.

  • Reduction of Energy Costs

An incredible benefit of retrofitting your metal roof is reduced energy costs. You get an option to introduce insulation between the new and old roofs. Moreover, you can opt for an energy-efficient ventilated space between the two tops.

  • Enhancement of Curb Appeal

With the unlimited availability of colors and styles, metal roofing improves your property’s curb appeal.

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