Blog . October 7, 2020

Your vehicle needs maintenance to increase the longevity of its performance. You will need to do some of the things such as:

  • Modify oil
  • Brakes change
  • Adding fluids
  • Replace the timing belt
  • New tires installation

You plan your next appointment almost 6 years after your car is repaired, and that’s it. Everyone wants to have a car so easy to maintain. Why does that happen? Because for a long time you get your repairs and have nothing to worry about. As our fictional car scenario, your commercial roof can be renewable.

  • How does that work, however?
  • Can any system of roofing be renewable?
  • Are there roofs which were constantly renewed?

In this article we will discuss everything related to roofing systems for renewable applications. Preferred Roofing’s spray foam roofing systems isthat sole renewable roofing systemthat has emerged since 1979.

Let’s just start!

Common Queries Related to Spray Foam

This may be the first time that you hear about spray foam roofing.

If so, there are a few fundamental questions you might be asking about spray foam:

What Spray Foam Roofing Is?

A total monolithic and waterproof roofing system is used for spray foam roofing. The Spray Summer System consists of a 1-1 ratio between two chemicals, one isocyanate, and one resin spray foam. These are pumped by heated pumps, mixed in a spray pistol, and applied to an existing ceiling.

Since spray moisture degrades in UV rays, the roofers also apply two separate thin layers of silicone over the moisture. In order to add stability and strength, granules are integrated into the second coating layer.

What is the cost of a roof for spray foam?

A square-foot spray foam roof costs $4-$7. Hundreds of variables affect the cost of each roofing system, for example how big the roof is, and how much it is required to remove the existing roof, how long a warranty the owner is looking for, and so on. However, as with any other roofing system, spray foam is close in prices.

What are the advantages of a foam spray roof?

A spray foam roof has 7 main advantages:

  1. Higher R-value
  2. Seamless
  3. Fast installation
  4. Self-flashing
  5. Proven from the 1960s
  6. Ease of maintenance
  7. And the greatest advantage of all. A spray foam roof can be renewed

When the initial guarantee has ended, renewability means that all you have to do is wash the roof power, add more coating and granules and that’s it. A “recoat” is the process of renewing a spray foam roof.

The next step is to remove everything and install a new system, if the warranties of other roofing systems expire. This costs more money than spray foam recoating and contributes unnecessarily to environmental dreadful sites.

If you want to go for spray foam roofing for your house, book your schedule with Preferred Roofing in OKC. Our experts pledge to provide you with a flawless service.