Blog . October 12, 2020

So far, in the snowfall of Oklahoma, OK, we have been very lucky this season. This winter must still be the notorious snowpocalypse that we are accustomed with only a handful of furry days and snow full days. This does not mean, however, that we shouldn’t be ready in our homes for winter dangers. Even though our skies are reasonably blue, we want you prepared for any winter. We take care of your home seriously as your roofing business. Learn more about key advice to safe and warm your home and this season to avoid winter damage and say no to roof repair.

Eliminating the buildup of snow for winter damage prevention

Roofs are created and built to cope with the elements of weather change. Snow, rain and waste generally gather on your roof, especially in flat areas. But that does not mean that the accumulation of snow will not be a concern. It is best to invest in a high-quality snow rake to protect your roof from snow damage. An unnecessary snow accumulator from your roof can be taken from a snow rake quickly. Moreover, all this can be done while you’re on the ground safe.

To use, pull the rake gently down the slope of the roof to avoid snow and debris from falling. It is vital never to push or pull snow over your roof since this will tear shingles off and cause undesirable damage to the roof. Getting this tool is worthy to avoid your winter damage. We also recommend that you clear your roof during a snowstorm in order to avoid excessive and heavy roof repair works. We can’t endorse a snow rake more as a local roofing company! Remember avoiding salt product placement on your roof. While products can help to remove ice and snow, salt leads to discoloration of shingles.

Removing the ice build up to avoid Ice Dams &other winder damages

You can also keep an eye on your roof for ice buildup, just as you clear snow buildups. When the snow left accumulated for too long, the ice can be extremely dangerous. Your gutters are the main areas of ice build-up. By simply knocking them with a broom, or even your snow rake, you can easily prevent icicle from rising. But if you melt ice from your roof, we strongly advise you that you take care.

If you whack an icicle with all your strength, if you knock it too rough, you will probably wash out the whole gutter. To avoid what could be your worst winter worry when it comes to your roof is to get your rinds of dairy rings, especially important: ice dams.

These highly hazardous winter dangers can harm not only your roof and gutter but also your home interior. It is important to solve this problem immediately when you see an ice dam forming. An ice dam is a big clump of ice on the roof edge. If you have an ice dam left for long enough, your gutter will freeze and snow will not fall off your roof. By first remaining on the snow and heretic build-up you will prevent ice dams from developing.

However, in Oklahoma, OK, it can become very difficult to clean the accumulated ice from your gutters, call a professional roofing company like us to do the work for you. Preferred Roofing in OKC works dedicatedly to meet all your roofing needs. Come to us before it is too late.