Blog, flat roof repair . April 20, 2022

Some of the common flat roof issues that you might face is leaks, movement in your overall roofing structure, logging of water on your roof, tears or punctures, and many more. If you are looking for a flat roof repair solution, you need to opt for rhinobond. Rhinobond is a process that can fixes your flat roof issues fast and effectively.

Here are the steps that you will require to follow when going for rhinobonding

  • Laying Out the Roof Board

The first step to flat roof repair or installing a new roof is to lay out the boards for your flat roof. You may need to use multiple layers to make sure that the insulation works properly. For this, you need to ensure that the joints are staggers and the gap is either fourth of an inch or even less.

  • RhinobondScrews for Fastening

Now that you have installed the roof boards, you need to fasten the boards with the insulation for your roof as well as with the building. Make sure to mark the locations of the plates so that you can find them when you cover the plates with the membrane roll. Next, use screws to fasten the plates. It is better to take professional help forinstallation or repairing flat roof.

  • Rolling Out the Membrane

Now that you are done fastening the boards, you need to cover these with the roll out membrane. No matter which size of the sheets you choose, leave at least three inches of gap for better welding. Even though you do not need to attach any more fasteners, you might need to install a few more screws and plates so that the edge of the membrane is not twisted while flat roof repair works.

  • Rhinobonding Your Flat Roof

You need to have the rhinobonding tool handy and properly calibrated before using it. Once that is done, you can start using the equipment to fix the screws and the plates that were installed earlier.

  • Welding The Edges And Trimming

When you start with the flat roof repair or installation, you need to weld the roofing material using hot air. Either you use a hand welder or a walk-behind-welder – either will work for you. After completion of welding, you can trim away the edges and you are done.

Your Professional Contractor Is Here

Rhinobonding requires skill and for that it is ideal to choose a professional flat roof repair service such as Preferred Roofing. Get in touch with us for a quote.