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Rhinobond is a roofing attachment technique that helps you attach insulation and thermoplastic roofing membrane. It is also known as the non-penetrating member system, which connects the TPO roofing. It has the power to eliminate membrane faster penetration with the help of induction welding. It infuses the membrane into the plates, which helps secure the deck’s insulation. Recently, it has become prevalent among all roofing companies as they can provide more value to the homeowners by giving them better performance. Here, we will learn more about Rhinobond and its benefits.


The primary way to attach it is by wielding it down to the coated plates, which helps secure the insulation in its right place. Roofing companies, especially in Oklahoma, choose this technique because it is different from all the other traditional techniques of wielding.. The updated technique uses electromagnetic inductions as a heat source that allows the rolling to weld.

The Process

First, the Rhinobond tool is placed over the membrane just on the screw and a large plate. Then the tool is activated, and it sends heat to the scale within 5 seconds to approximately 500 degrees. Lastly, the tool is removed when the plate is heated enough, and then a magnet seeking warmth is placed on top of the plate. The magnet keeps the heated plate in its place, which helps to put the heat up and out of the magnet. This process is repeated until all the plates and screws are welded down on the roofing membrane.


There are several benefits of Rhinobond, such as it uses almost 39% fewer seams than any other traditional fastener technique. The main advantage is it can be installed very quickly. The dry-in is also faster and has a staged installation option. It uses 25%to 50% less fastener than any other fastener technique.

Roofing companies have the advantage of having no hassle of installation as there are fewer half sheets in the perimeter. It can produce a much stronger bond that can stand up to wind finer than other techniques. It does not use any adhesive, so you don’t have to wait for it to get a cure; there are no empty pails and no fumes. It is environment-friendly and non-polluting. There are no flammable issues, not during transformation or even on your roof.

Find the Right System

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