Blog, Commercial Roofing . April 13, 2022

You might be facing some roofing issues while being on the board of HOA. And let us assume that you have gone for a few simple repairs recently. Now you may be thinking about a new roofing system in OKC. But what should you opt for? This is where commercial roofing contractors can be helpful.

Cost of Eliminating Roofs

After getting a quote from your roofing contractor, ask them if the roof needs to be removed and replaced.

You may have to ask about the complete roof. They can install a few roofing systems over the already existing ones. Only the damaged membrane or regions having wet insulation need to be eliminated.

The total price of your HOA’s roofing project can be significantly minimized by reducing the number of tear-offs.

Minimizing the Energy Costs

While installing a new roofing system, you can ask the roofing contractor if R-value can be increased. (R-value is known as the capability of the materials to allow cold or heat to pass through them).

A higher R-value indicates lesser chances of cool or heat escaping through the roof.

As most residents rely on fixed incomes, exposable income can be increased by reducing future energy costs.

Measuring Wind Uplift Potential

It is one of those stringent laws that must be measured to reduce the possibilities of damage in high-wind regions.

In simple words, it implies the capacity of a roofing system to withstand wind before getting torn off.

You must know about the wind uplift potential of the roof from the commercial roofing contractor before getting it installed.

For instance- Spray polyurethane foam roofs prove to be the best against the wind. (As the penetrations do not require any seams, the roof is fluid-applied, and the roof is completely adhered to what’s underneath).

All other roofing systems need seams or fasteners for attaching the roof pieces together. As roofs undergo expansion and contraction with changes in weather conditions, they get the maximum stress at the seams.

Expiration of Warranty

As the warranty of the roof expires, most of the roofing systems are found in a poor condition and must be torn off.

However, if the initial installation was done properly and you took care of routine maintenance, a coating system can be added over a single-ply roof or a metal.

These systems can cost you around $2.5-$5 per square foot whereas complete tear-offs and installations are more likely to cost around $8 per square foot in OKC.

Spray foam roofing systems prove to be efficient because they are renewable. These are usually protected with coatings that tend to wear off naturally as time passes by. (For example- 20 mils of coating can provide 10 years of warranty).

As the warranty begins to wear out, you can clean the roof and apply more coating on it. This process repeats over and over without causing any loss in performance.

The total price of a spray foam recoat is usually half the price of the initial installation.

Don’t Compromise on Installation

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