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Roof leaks are common for resi build up and is not related to the workmanship. To get rid of this condensation you must prevent air blockages into the roof, this will improve insulation and ventilation to let the air and moisture out. You can contact roofing companies in OKC for assistance with such tasks.

What is Condensation?

Condensation comes from the moisture within the air. When too much moisture at a certain temperature is locked, it is called condensation. When the warm and moist air comes in contact with a cool surface, dew starts to form and it becomes condensed. When the air gets colder and the temperature goes below the dew point, it then must release moisture to reach the new and longer dew point. Moisture is released in the form of water and it appears on the colder surface.

There are so many things in our house that releases moisture into the air. For example, normal breathing and perspiration both are responsible for 3 pints of water every day from every person. Also, different activities such as cooking, bathing, and washing also release moisture. In locations where the temperature is 350F, condensation is very common, and this is a sign of inadequate or improper insulation.

Condensation – A Warning

The roofing companies in OKC say condensation is first noticed on windows and skylights. As a result of constant exposure to the extreme humidity, the glass of the window and skylight work as the cold surface. This excess humidity can damage interior walls, ceilings, floors etc.
Once the moisture condenses, the frost builds up under the roof sheeting. When it defrosts or melts, it causes a leak. This leak can be severe if the temperature change is dramatic.

How to Protect

  • Do not discharge the bathroom and kitchen exhaust fan in your attic space. It does not matter if your attic space is well ventilated, if the moisture from other sources gets in there, it will form condensation.
  • Install exhaust fans for the kitchen, laundry and bathroom.
  • Installing a dehumidifier is an inexpensive way of reducing moisture inside the home.