Blog, flat roof repair . July 3, 2018

Flat roofing is an ancient type of roofing in arid climates. Now, for the commercial purposes, this is a perfect choice. These roofs have timber frames for structural support and joists to handle weight. There are about 16 components needed for constructing a flat roof, and the slope is about 10 degrees, which makes drainage difficult to deal with if the roof is not constructed well. Due to poor drainage, a pool of water stagnant for 48 hours or more can damage the roof. Eventually, there could be vegetation, algae or mold growth.

Though flat roofs add great architectural definition to any house, they are most suitable in a dry climate. You can choose this type of roofing for gardening, but be ready for some of the critical challenges. A wonderfully designed flat roof will have a well-constructed drainage system. You should know different types of drainage systems that roofing companies in OKC implement.


Rain gutters are the most common drainage system used for all types of roofs. But regular maintenance and unblocking of these gutters are necessary. The advantages are:

  • This is the least expensive and easy to handle.
  • It keeps the water off of the roof easily.
  • It protects the doorways and other openings.
  • It prevents water from forming a pool near the construction.

Inner drains:

  • The roofing companies in OKC suggest constructing inner drains for large commercial buildings. These are typically built at the centre and can also be a part of a residential building. The drains attach to pipes so that the water can go down. The advantages are:
  • Inner drains do not freeze up or crack during the winter; the walls of the building protect the pipes.
  • These could be added to increase the visual appeal of the house and are easy to customize.
  • You can get customized strainers to fit the roof. These strainers keep debris from clogging the drain.
  • Constructing an adequate number of drains on the roof will keep it free of water.


  • These are openings in the outer walls, and water runs through the wall via a metal box. If these are designed in the best manner, you will get the best value out of them. The advantages are:
  • They cost little but drain water efficiently.
  • Less maintenance is required.
  • If the scupper is wide enough, there is less chance of clogging.
  • There is less chance of debris buildup, as everything gets washed off the roof.
  • Scuppers can enhance the architectural value of the building.

We at Preferred Roofing, one of the best roofing companies in okc, suggest implementing one of these systems for your building. They will provide better drainage for flat roofing with a low maintenance cost.