Commercial roofing okc, Blog . July 22, 2018

You know all too well the importance of a quality flat commercial roof if you are a business owner in Oklahoma City. Your roof is the main defense against some of the extreme temperature changes here in Oklahoma, such as snow, hail, and rain. It also works against strong winds, extreme heat, debris, and even fire to protect your business.

It may cause serious damage if you do not repair it at once when your commercial roof develops a problem. Our commercial roofing team in OKC at Preferred Roofing has put this guide together to help you to improve your roof if you’re not sure when to repair the roof. Call us, and we can quickly shape your roof.

Bubbles in the Roof

Bubbles are usually the result of moisture trapped under the roofing materials, which evaporate water and generate blisters or bubbles on the roof. Bubbles can easily get through your roof and cause serious damage to the building.

Increasing Energy Bill

Your roof is meant to protect your building against water damage, not only to keep the rain away. Do not assume that the other parts of your building are causing the changes if you are aware that your energy costs have risen. It’s nice to evaluate your roof by the commercial roofing experts in OKC.

Moisture Effects

One of the stupid ways that confirm that your roof has a problem is to see signs in the interior of the building caused by water in the roof. Some of these signs may be like water on the ceiling or water on the walls. Sometimes you may notice that a damp smell seems to come from the roof in some areas of your building. You may not be able to see any visible signs of mold or mildew growth on your walls or ceiling, but you may smell mildew anywhere in your building.
It is clear that you must call a professional for roof restoration in OKC when such signs are observed.

Gaps in Seaming

Most roofs need seams to connect waterproof materials to the roof. Water may sometimes find its way into your rooftop through the seam and soak.  You may need to call a professional to perform a thorough examination if you notice any shortcomings or if you’re not sure if they exist.

Roofing Age

If you’ve been there for a long time, you can be sure that almost every severe weather has been accepted and it will deteriorate over time. Your roof may need to be inspected to make sure it is in good shape even though you were old.

Sagging Roof

You may have to consider calling a professional commercial roofing expert in OKC to look at the roof and decide what to do if you notice that parts of your roof are decays. Various factors, among them accumulated humidity, could cause a decreasing roof, additional weight on the roof due to the installation for a long time of new roofing materials, among other things.

Clogged Drain

You might have check the roof, look at any traces of blocked drains or water collecting from the roof if you notice that water from the exterior drainage is not what you expected. It’s time to call an expert in OKC on commercial roofing to evaluate a roof if you notice any of these signs.

Damaged Flashing

Flashes are important components of your roof because they are used for sealing your roof to another structure between the areas. Poorly attached, worsening, and missing flashes can indicate a problem with your roof and may need to check the roof.

It may damage your property seriously or even risk your employees if your commercial roof is damaged. When it comes to your business, don’t take a chance. Allow Preferred Roofing, our commercial roofing contractors in OKC, to detect hidden moisture and to identify the leakage on your roof. Give us a call at Preferred Roofing to plan your inspection.