Blog, roofing companies in okc . January 13, 2020

Did you ever walk out in a cold morning and notice the frost covering the ground? Before you can drive you might need to scrape your windshield and your grass might look like a sparkling wonderland. Turn the image upwards to see the walls and windows of your house. Is it frost? Would you know if the frost on your home roof is good or bad?

Is the Frost Good or Bad?

It is not necessarily good or bad that the frost collected on your roof. Roofing materials are made to stand the weather and roofers know what materials are right for them. You shouldn’t have to worry about water damage if your roof is in good repair. Call one of the roofing companies in OKC if you’re not sure.

Look at the entire roof, is the sunshine melting the frost uniformly? Is the roof of your garage dealing with frost differently than the rest of your home?

They may show that your home loses heat because of the lack of adequate insulation. Take a look at your outdoor area and look at the insulation. Are certain areas lacking insulation? These may be indicators of poor roofing or work for HVAC. Such heat loss would make your heater more difficult to keep the temperatures comfortable and more expensive for your energy charges.

It may seem unlikely, but ventilation and exhaust systems are not normally responsible for escaping heat and a lack of freezing on your roof. Correct ventilation is required, even in winter!

Do We Have To Think About A Frost Shortage?

There could be cause for alarm if your roof is not showing frost. This would mean your home or roof is not properly insulated. You can worry only if you have the same sunshine as your neighboring houses. Your neighbor’s house, for example, may be blocked by high trees or a large building from the sun, while your home is in direct sunlight. Once the sun hits, your frost can melt, but it can cause discomfort to your neighbors. You wouldn’t have to worry if that is the case.

Your best way is to call your local roofing company to look at your roofing and insulation systems. You will find areas where heat escapes and if it is actually due to poor insulation. They can solve the problem themselves or offer a secondary company’s services. Call Preferred Roofing to help you save money.