Blog, roofing companies in okc . January 27, 2020

There is no denial of the fact that the work of every roof is to protect your house. However, have you ever thought that whether every roof is same or not? You should know that there are certain key differences between a commercial roof and a residential roof. Commercial roofing companies can enlighten you better about the differences that can be noticed between these two kinds of roofing.

  • Residential Roof Are Designed and Decorated

This can be regarded as one of the key differences between a residential and a commercial roof. The appearance of the both the roofs are very different from each other. The architectural style and build are different. In a residential roof, you can design it according to your wish. You can add colors, styles, materials of your choice. However, a commercial look is more formal and generally light toned colored are used there.

  • Commercial Roof are Utilitarian

Commercial roofs do not match with every architectural style. It has more of a formal look and thus are designed following a specific style. This type of roofs protects commercial items beneath them; therefore, the focus is mainly on the materials used to build the roof than the designs.

  • Commercial Roofs are Hard to Install

The installation of commercial roof requires highly skilled labor. Residential roofs are really simple to install and also takes less time. Commercial roof may have a lot of obstruction at the time of installation. It includes smokestacks, heating and cooling equipment, pipes, installing machines and more. It is really challenging to install a commercial roof without any hassle.

  • Maintenance of Both the Roofs

It goes without saying that both the types require proper maintenance. However, the requirement of the maintenance is different. Both the roof needs occasional visual inspection. However, if you notice any risk in your commercial roof, you need to call a professional commercial roofing company. A small damage in the residential roof can be repaired by calling a local repairer. However, in case of commercial roof, you need to call a professional.

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