Blog, roofing companies in okc . January 12, 2022

House is one of the biggest assets that we possess in a lifetime. For many of us, it is a huge investment too. In account of that, safety is the major concern of almost every homeowner. One of such factors is protecting our roof and ensuring it is in good shape. In addition to it, damage covered by an insurance policy is extremely essential.

Your home’s insurance policy usually covers the leak and damages of your roof. However, you have to make sure that the reason behind the damage is not excluded in your policy. If a leak occurs due to the lack of maintenance, you may have to call roofing companies in OKC to conduct an inspection followed by repair works if needed. But the question is what kind of roof damages are covered by insurance claim?

This guide will help you find out everything in details.

Is Repair Cost of your Roof Covered by Insurance?

Roof repair cost mostly depends on the age of your roof. Your home insurance company will investigate the interior of your roof, to see whether it was properly installed and how old it is. All these aspects play a big role in determining the insurance claim in leaking roof damage. Roof repair will be covered by your insurer if they find that you meet certain criteria. Read on to get a vivid idea.

‘Exclusion’ of Roof Damage Insurance will not be Covered

You may think that your home insurance policy will cover every damage claim. But the scenario is not exactly the same every time. There is a term which referred as “Exclusion” explains all types of damages that your insurance company will not cover. If leaking roof is not included in your insurance policy, you will not get any claim.

Are You Responsible for the Leaking Roof?

Some homeowners just ignore the maintenance of their property. They usually do not take any care to cracked or missing shingles of roof and ignore the damages until something goes erroneous. In such case, if your roof shingles gets cracked or water penetrates, you will not get any claim from your insurer.

You will most likely have to pay for the repairing costs. On the other hand, if any natural disaster leaves your roof shingles pierced with cracks, insurer will probably cover the replacement cost by talking to the roofing company you hired.

However, if you are filing a frequent insurance claim, your policy cost will increase. These upsurges can be harmful for your financial scheduling. Therefore, it’s better to take suggestion from experts like Preferred Roofing in OKC. Their specialists will help in fixing all types of residential roof damages. Before it burns up your pocket, take the necessary steps.