Blog, Commercial Roofing . January 19, 2022

One of the interesting invention mankind has made in the recent times is Drone and its multiple uses. These commercial drones are used in Entertainment Industry, Construction industry, Security Services, Supply chain Segment and many more. One of such use of drone is applied in the construction repair industry for remote inspection of roofs. These drones can take high resolution pictures, mapping of your roof, take a lot of data and reach every corner where a human intervention is merely possible in your commercial roofing.

Drones and its Licensed Usage:

. The usage of a drone requires various license certificate from concerned authority like Federal Aviation and in compliance with Unmanned Aerial Vehicle regulations. The pilot also must take several steps of examination to earn a certificate for flying a drone for commercial use. Several states have strict guidelines for operating the UAV which is Drone in this case. Even a casual or a personal user must obtain license and follow federal policies before flying a drone. These policies and regulations were brought in after reports of unintended use of drones like spying on neighbors, unskillful operator resulting in crashing of drones in crowded place and wounding many were collected. Operating a drone without having a proper license or a certificate can land you in prison or harsh punishment.

Roof Inspection Using a Drone:

Using a drone to find out the root problem of your roof damages can be tempting. While you are thinking on this, you also must know about owning the drone legally understanding whether you are skilled enough to operate a drone for roof inspection.

Every time you use the drones, you should also consider its liabilities. Are you skilled enough to take right footage for accessing the stability of the roofing materials? Do you have the proper insurance if your roof gets damaged while operating a drone? These are the question that you should have on your mind before you start to operate a drone for roof inspections.

You might be wondering with all these restrictions how this process can even be an advantageous option over a traditional method. Well, commercial roofing companies like Preferred Roofing in OKC will make your life easier for your remote roof inspection without even being falling into legalities or arrested. The following are done best by these professional roofing companies.

  • The drone mapping technology can accurately measure the shape, size, and pitch of the roof to pinpoint the repair area.
  • They take HD images of the entire surface and the whole property to show you the accurate condition of your roof. This is useful for any planning to upgrade, renovations and solar installations.
  • The safety factor is one of the best and attractive benefits that you can have. This remote Drone inspection reduces or nullifies the rooftop falls which account to major deaths and fatality in construction industry.

You have the freedom to choose Preferred Roofing in OKC to show you the way how it’s professionally done and most importantly without getting you arrested! Contact us to schedule your remote roof inspection.