Blog, roofing companies in okc . November 16, 2021

What do you believe matters most if you choose a metal roof for your home? Of course, the material, color, and style all matter, but the way a roof is installed may make or break it. Labor accounts for roughly 60% of the cost of a new roof, so how can you get your money’s worth? After selecting a roofing product, your first objective should be to identify a certified, professional metal roofing contractor with skilled installation crews. Why?

Installation is usually skipped, and with an asphalt roof lasting 15-20 years, you can. Asphalt is simple to lay down and may be done in a day or two. Metal installation takes more skill and time, and processes differ between firms and individual installers, so it’s worth digging deeper and talking about specifics. Years of experience in metal roofing have resulted in a qualified contractor that can produce attractive roofs.

Good Questions to Ask Roofing Contractors

Your choice should be able to answer your questions regarding their company, experience, and installation methods in a way that offers you trust in their decision. Here are two questions to get you started: What are their procedures for dealing with pipelines and skylights?

  • What method do they want to use to vent your roof?
  • Reduce the number of roofing contractors you’re considering.

Doing your homework, like any other endeavor, saves you money and time:

  • Look up online reviews, follow them on social media, visit their website, and look at their previous jobs. Of course, you’re aware that reviews can be skewed and that social media gives a skewed perspective.
  • Seeing finished jobs makes a difference.
  • The best source of information is prior customers.

Installation Instructions from Metal Roof Manufacturers

Bring up the manufacturer when you have inquiries about installation. Inquire if the roofing company adheres to the manufacturer’s installation guidelines. These are based on years of research and testing to provide the best results for you and your home, and you should not disregard them to save money or make things easier.

The lowest allowed pitch for installation, the optimum fasteners, the proper sealant, and other details will be specified by your manufacturer. All of these are based on extensive testing and experience. Manufacturers develop rules based on years of expertise, research, and consideration, ensuring that all parties involved are protected from disappointment and dissatisfaction. To achieve the greatest result, good guidelines take into account various roofs, weather conditions, and tools.

Unfortunately, in order to accommodate their homes and budgets, many homeowners and contractors break from these requirements.

When homeowners and contractors decide to cut corners, problems develop. Instead of doing a good job, they install on low pitches, apply too much sealant, and spray paint over scratches. Contractors who propose similar ideas should be avoided.

For all of the roofing systems they offer, a qualified roofing contractor will be knowledgeable with the best installation procedures and requirements. However, don’t assume they’ve used the particular product you’ve chosen. They may only install it on rare occasions or have never done it previously. Ask them to be sure.

Hire a Roofing Contractor Who Knows What They’re Doing

Nobody expects you to be a roofing specialist, but your contractor should. You’ll be better equipped to make a sensible roofing decision if you spend more time in finding the right roofing company. More concerns about finding the best roof and contractor for your home? Call us at Preferred Roofing for more help.