Blog, Roof Repair OKC . July 14, 2021

It’s springtime in Oklahoma, and the usual severe storm season is doing havoc on homeowners’ roofs, siding, and windows. Unfortunately, opportunistic “Storm Sharks” chasing violent storms through Oklahoma communities can have a less evident negative influence.

These shady contractors frequently canvass local areas, making false promises like “free roof” and “no deductible.”

Many new contractors have started operations in recent years as money easily comes with preying on insurance claim money of homeowners. Their main goal is to take advantage of insurance claims for storm damage to a home’s roof and fa├žade.

If you live in a region that has recently suffered severe weather, expect a knock at your door from these Storm Sharks, who are out to take advantage of naive homes and insurance money.

They will often force you to sign a contract before even looking at your roof. These schemes frequently leave Oklahoma homeowners with additional or unresolved roof damage, the possibility of insurance fraud, and the possibility of spending significantly more for repairs or replacement.

Be wary of these uninvited roof repair offers.

Storm sharks are easy to recognize. They’re the door-knockers that ask people to sign a Free PIP contract without even looking at the roof to check if it’s damaged.

Here are some things to check for to make sure you and your property don’t get taken advantage of by shady roof contractors who promise a free roof:

Roof Repair for Free

It’s usually the case that something sounds too wonderful to be true. The “free roof” strategy is frequently used by out-of-state, unlicensed builders. Why? They want your insurance money and will try to get it by manipulating the system.

However, this exposes homeowners to insurance fraud, making them unwittingly participating, and putting them at risk of legal liability.

When a contractor or salesperson promises a free roof, they usually include the payment of your deductible as well. However, they will include the deductible cost in the insurance invoice, raising the insurance bill and resulting in a bogus claim to your insurer.

Storm sharks are easy to recognize. They’re the door-knockers that ask people to sign a Free PIP contract without even looking at the roof to check if it’s damaged.

The standard practice is to advise all homeowners to file roof claims without first examining for storm damage.

The storm sharks simply promote the “Free Roof” notion for roof repair to homeowners (which means the homeowner pays no insurance deductible) in order to get them to sign contracts with them.

These free roof scams leave behind an incomplete, badly installed roof when they leave the area and move on to the next town, in addition to breaking the law and falling victim to insurance fraud.

Push for Parachute Sales

Storm Sharks frequently send in unskilled, inexperienced salespeople who will come up at your door at random and claim that they “just happened to be in the area” and “noticed your roof needs repairs following the last storm.” This happens without an inspection, but they will try to persuade you to sign the contract before you know the entire nature of the work required.

The majority of Storm Sharks’ business models revolve around exploiting homeowners by following storms across the country, seeking for opportunities to deceive unassuming homeowners whose exteriors may be harmed by the storm. Within minutes of knocking on your home, these parachute salesman will pressure you into signing a contract.

These out-of-state contractors will walk door-to-door throughout a whole neighborhood, then depart town once the “repairs” are completed, making it impossible to track them down or hold them accountable.

Do not trust a passing roofing contractor who claims to see damage to your roof. Never sign a contract for repairs or a new roof based on a high-pressure sales pitch.

Contact a local, trustworthy, and licensed roofing firm for a free inspection before signing any contract for unseen and unknown repairs to avoid the unscrupulous sales tactics.

Working with a reputable, experienced roofer is the most effective approach to avoid roofing frauds. Reputable roofers will guarantee that your roof is properly repaired or installed.

Count on the Roofing Experts in Your Area

Preferred Roofing has been serving Oklahoma residents for good years and is certified by all of the top-rated, reputable manufacturers as an authentic roof repair service provider. We are licensed, insured, well trained, and experienced in roofing, so you can be assured that your home’s roof is safe.