SPF clings to almost any conventional roofing material, making it possible to put it over wood, concrete, steel, and most current roof systems. This reduces the cost of roof elimination and disposal costs while also being more eco-friendly. Installers of SPF Roofing can use the foam to create a tapered roof system, eliminating the requirement for expensive tapered insulation systems. Spray foam roofing can be mounted quickly and with less downtime than conventional roofing technologies.

Installation of SPF Roofing

The SPF roof installation will differ depending on the current roof’s features. However, the procedure can be divided into three stages in general:

  1. Preparation – This can include things like masking off and/or attaching mechanical devices, and applying a priming coat.
  2. SPF Application – the SPF application to a predetermined thickness.
  3. Finishing Work – It entails covering the foamed surface with a durable elastomeric layer. In some cases, a covering is combined with gravel or flora. The application of the coating results in a long-lasting, weather-protectant roofing system that is easy to walk on for maintenance.

More information on SPF Roof Coatings

Building owners benefit from SPF roofing systems for a variety of reasons. These are some of them:

  • Longevity
  • Maintenance Ease
  • Seamless
  • No air and moisture intrusion
  • Installation without disrupting operations inside the building structure
  • Adapts to a variety of roof curvatures, shapes, and types.

When compared to other materials, it reduces your power bill by 30%.

More on the Advantages of SPF Roofing


When properly maintained and cared for, SPF roofing systems have been shown to endure 30 years or longer.

Seamless systems

Spray foam roofing forms a strong, monolithic protective roof shell.

SPF coatings for the roof

Protective covers help to prevent the external elements that might damage the roofing system.

Resistance to uplift

SPF roofs have excellent adhesion and resistance to wind uplift.

Cool roofs

Qualified roof coating materials with energy star certification can save up to 50% on energy expenditures.

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