Blog, Commercial roofing okc . July 14, 2021

Finding the right commercial roofing contractor and knowing about its maintenance is no turkey shoot if you know the exact tricks to do that. In this article, we cover the top five reasons for which one of the best investments to make in the life of your roof has been a commercial roof maintenance plan. The maintenance of a roof plan by a quality roofing contractor is like a regular check-up with your doctor. A roof maintenance scheme will ensure that your roof remains in good condition and any problems under the surface can be identified and resolved before too much damage can be caused.

You will receive an initial roof maintenance and inspection plan, which assesses your roof’s health and life.

A detailed roof report will be received showing:

  • Any cleaning on your canopies, drains, drains, or any part of the roof.
  • Penetration of the roof requiring attention.
  • Check the roof borders, walls, drop-edge or cap metal for all flashing.
  • Any flying waste or contractors’ physical damage on the rooftop.

Yearly Roof Maintenance shall be necessary to maintain the ‘No Dollar Warranty of a Manufacturer’

Great warranty, but like your vehicle with a 5 year or 100,000-mile powertrain warranty, whichever comes first. If the engine blows because oil changes are not necessary, it is not covered. For the roofing manufacturer, the same rule applies.

Mind Peace every year you are carefully inspected to know your commercial roof.

  • It’s not a matter of what will happen… It is WHEN, and it will cost HOW MUCH!
  • It’s costly to repair unexpected damages

Extend life with Yearly Roof Maintenance to your commercial roof

Almost 80% of roofs are prematurely replaced. Routine inspections of the roof are an important component of all low-lying roofing systems and could maximize your roof’s life by almost 40%. In addition, you get the coverage for free when guarantee is given to your roof if you use a certified maintenance professional.

Extend life with Yearly Roof Maintenance for your commercial roof:

Think of all the issues against which you would protect yourself –

  • Downtime of production
  • Lost space use because of leakage
  • Locals who complain every rain
  • Domestic injury
  • Fungal growth in the interior

How many thousands of dollars do you have, or will you lose because there is no maintenance scheme? Talk to the commercial roofing experts of Preferred Roofing in OKC to know more about the maintenance.