Blog, Spray Foam Roofing OKC . April 13, 2020

SPF Systems are the top-quality roofing insulation solution and provide superior protection to members of the group. Spray foam roofing in OKC can be done seamlessly. Such systems often add strength to buildings and control air filtration, reducing the cost of cooling and heating. Every damaged area is patched, regularly modified and sealed up while the commercial roof is being restored. A reflective finish cover is then added which protects the whole roof by a flawless barrier and enhances energy efficiency.

Top SPF Roofing System Benefits

  • Cleans all debris from roof, including the loose gravel.
  • Sprinkles foam with water drainage sloping.
  • Ensures adhesion by using the right materials.
  • Simple coating applied over the whole surface, providing reflection and shielding the device.
  • Final coat.
  • Eliminates water penetration, the main cause of energy loss.
  • Extraordinary isolation “R-6.5” per inch.
  • Power applied without substantial increase in weight.
  • Compatible with almost every layer of the building.
  • Can withstand winds of hurricane force.
  • Damaged / low drainage addresses.
  • Closed-cell isolation device that is waterproof.
  • Lower sound.
  • Speedy, economical method of recovery and restoration of the already existing roof.
  • Maintenance and installation are less onerous than conventional membranes.

Spray Foam Roofing Providers

Preferred Roofing is a national network, specializing in energy-efficient roof solutions for industrial or commercial roofing providers. Such trained, high quality professionals understand how important it is to maintain low energy costs for buildings. That’s just one reason why our spray polyfoam insulation system is proudly built.

Our goods stand out for reliability and energy efficiency with over 40 years of national success and strong performance. An additional non-prorated guarantee on all labor costs and material costs can be covered by a foam insulation device.

There are many explanations for installing and replacing the roofing systems that you have already for polyurethane spray foam. Price is a major consideration for one thing. Despite energy prices continuing to be continually increasing, company owners are trying to reduce energy costs everywhere. Another aspect is environmental concerns. A solution to separate the roof with foam could turn the office into a green system and sustainable roofing has demonstrated the ability to save energy within seven years.

How Can Energy Costs Be Reduced by SPF Roof?

The SPF roofing device is properly installed, serving as another insulation layer. The roofing device reaches most heat into industrial and commercial buildings. The roof works like a large reservoir of water soaking up the sun’s entire air. Then the energy is transferred gradually into the whole house. The cycle of heat transfer can take longer, and it goes on long after the sun is set. Just 12 hours per day can the building be exposed to the sun, but heat is still flowing across the entire building even after the sun sets.

The foam roofing system blocks all this temperature before it can pass into the rest of the building by producing the strong shielding coating. Spray polyurethane foam is a superb insulating agent with more than one million closed cells per square inch. The value of this roof structure is an R-6.5 per inch value. This is an impressive amount of isolation that is going to be recognized early, but we take it one step further. Our Preferred Roofing applies a highly reflective topcoat on an entire surface following proper installation of the foam. This topcoat can reflect up to 85 percent of the sun’s rays during the summer and can cost up to 50 percent lower A / C.

You can expect years of life from your commercial roof until your foam isolation device is repaired. Avoid costly roof repair with Foam Roof Insulation. This means that all costs incurred in expensive roof replacement can be completely avoided. If the roof worsens and new problems arise, the roof can be easily replaced. The provided non-prorated warranty is also expanded with every new cover added. Essentially, you could have a roof which is as long as the house.

Our team is happy to help you with your current problems with spray foam roofing in OKC. Please ask us if a member needs a free roof inspection, which is not compulsory.