Blog, spray foam roofing . January 24, 2023

The roof is the frontline of defense against natural phenomena like storms, heavy rain and strong winds. However, the roof gets damaged due to various reasons over time. For example, you may notice leaks such as dripping water dampness on the ceiling and discoloration. There are a few solutions to prevent these issues, but they can be expensive.

If you live in Oklahoma, this may frequently happen, thanks to tornados. You may want a cost-effective & efficient solution for your OKC house. Here comes the spray foam roofing solution, which prevents the leakage issue for years. Have a look.

What Is a Spray Polyurethane Foam Roof System?

There are various types of spray foam solutions. But today, we have only discussed the polyurethane-based spray foam option. Nowadays, house owners use this type of spray foam because it is eco-friendly, lightweight, seamless and durable.

Also, some roofing companies provide “Class 4 hail-rated coating,” which is the best option for your house. Storms like hail and tornadoes will not damage the roof severely, and you can avoid costly repairs in the long run.

How do the experts apply spray foam roofing solutions?

Keep in mind that unless the spray foam is entirely applied to the roof, you cannot understand what it will look like. This is the only drawback of this roofing solution. Let’s break down the application process in steps.

  • Prepare the Existing Roof

First, remove all the debris, oil and dirt from the roof. You can complete this step on your own or leave it to the roofers as well (make sure you include roof cleaning in your hired services). Also, you may notice excessive water in some areas- eliminate all the saturated water from those entirely. Otherwise, the water will scatter to other parts of the roof after application and the spray foam roofing solution will fail to create a strong bond.

  • Apply the Polyurethane foam

Now, the contractor will spray the first coating layer on the roof. They apply the liquid form directly. Remember, the coating has two materials- polyol resin and isocyanate.

Two things remain in separate containers. The roofers use them by using a spray foam roofing machine. In general, the thickness of the layer is 1.5 to 2.5 inches, but it may vary based on the customer’s requirements.

  • The Foam Will Expand

After 20 minutes of applying the spray foam roofing solution, the coating will expand to 20 times its original size. But that does not mean it will become huge. It only will expand to one to two inches.

  • Now It’s Time to Apply a Protective Coating

Within 24 hours, the experts should apply the protective coating on the spray foam. This layer of coating protects the spray foam roofing solution from UV rays. Otherwise, the entire coating will be ruined and affect the whole roof.

What Are the Benefits of Using Spray Foam Roofing Solution?

  1. Save your money,
  2. It is energy efficient,
  3. Increase the lifespan of the roof,
  4. Prevent leakage issues
  5. Affordable option compared to a replacement
  6. You can get 12-18 years of warranty.

Shield Your Roof

The monolithic construction of the spray foam roofing coat provides ultimate protection against leakage and moisture penetration. Contact our team at Preferred Roofing in OKC if you want a free estimate.