Your roof plays a very important role in your home’s energy efficiency. That is why you must learn about building your roof more energy efficient. Here we have listed some things that leading roofing contractors think might help you.

Benefits of Having an Energy-Efficient Roof

It may not look much, but an energy-efficient roof has countless benefits. Let us find out about a few of them.

  • Having an energy-efficient roof would provide you with much better insulation. As a result, your heating and air conditioning system would require considerably less power. So you would also be able to save tons of money on your electricity bills.
  • Energy-efficient roofing keeps the home comfortable for long hours. This lets you chill with your friends and family in your room even when it is all white outside.
  • Most of the energy-efficient roofing options come with added protection from water. Ask your roofer if any such option would be suitable for your home. Doing that would provide your home with additional protection from ice dams. As a result, your roof would also last much longer.
  • You can also get monetary benefits from your roof, as some energy-efficient roofs can reward you with federal tax credits. You can use these credits the next time you pay your taxes to get additional discounts.

How Roofing Contractors Make the Roofs Energy Efficient

The benefits of an energy-efficient roof seem lucrative, right? But to avail of those benefits, you must get the installation first. Learn how leading roofers make your roof even more energy efficient.

Attic Insulation

As the attic is beneath the roof, it is essential to insulate them properly for more energy-efficient roofing. You can use an insulating foam and other similar materials for the job. These materials would help you feel the heat in a much better way. Proper insulation would save almost 1/7th of your total energy cost from the air conditioner.


A properly placed vent can ensure you better quality air. Apart from that, during the scorching days of summer, these vents let the excess heat be released through your roof, which is why it is extremely important to install the vents correctly in your attic.


Recently, it has become a popular trend to use shiny metals on the roof. The roofing contractors also recommend metal roof homes for living in humid places like California and OKC. Shiny metal reflects a lot of the heat. This makes your rooms much more comfortable.

Shingle Colors

This may come as a shock, but the colors of your shingles do a lot more than look pretty. With perfectly colored singles, you can reflect a lot of heat. Therefore, your air conditioning device would face considerably fewer difficulties cooling indoors.

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