The roof is one of the most exposed parts of your home. It gets affected by all seasons, winter however, has the great impact. Many people fear winter for a sudden problem with their roof. In saying this though, winter cannot be completely blamed here. If the roof is well-maintained already and inspected prior to winter, it will perform the way it is expected.

The professionals of roof restoration in Dallas have come up with some common issues that you may face with your roof this winter.
Common Roofing Issues in Winter

  • Wet insulation can pull moisture into the ceiling. This can be responsible for discoloration and leaks. Therefore, wet insulation should be avoided as much as possible.
  • Drainage plays a crucial role in a roof’s maintenance. Therefore, it is your responsibility to unclog the drains for obvious reasons after fall. If there is not proper drainage, the backed up water can sit on the roof and will find other ways to drain.
  • The commercial roofing professionals in Dallas have witnessed the biggest problem in winter is leaks. The water enters through a small hole and then gets frozen and expands.
  • Another problem, that is no less problematic than the prior one, is the hidden source of the leaks. Often the leak is small and in winter you have snow and ice on the roof. This makes it extremely difficult to find the source of the leak.
  • Prevention

You can protect your interior from the ill-effects of roof damage. Here are some common methods shared by the roofing restoration professionals of Dallas.

  1. Pig traps can be installed inside the building to catch dripping water and drain it to a sink or bucket. This is a short-term prevention, that can be used until the repair is completed properly.
  2. Tents on the roof can protect it from the weather and other climatic changes. During repairs, the roof generally gets tented by most companies.
  3. You can hire professionals or clean ice and snow off your roof yourself in winter. It is imperative to maintain the upkeep of it.

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