When you are selecting a roof for your commercial building, you need to ensure that a warranty is included. It is required to protect your roof from faulty products, expensive repairs and many other problems. To get all the facilities of a warranty, you need to have it valid.
When you are purchasing a new roof, most of the time it comes with a warranty. Don’t invest in a roof if it does not come with one. People fall into trouble when the original roof warranty expires after the set period of time. In this blog, we, being a commercial roofing expert in Dallas, will discuss the handling of such a situation.

Types of Roofing Warranties

Learn about the different roofing warranties so that you can enquire when purchasing a roof.

1.A contractor’s workmanship guarantee is issued by the company that installs your roof. This generally covers the labor cost, material cost and repair costs. Typically it remains valid for one to 10 years, as per the rules of the individual contractor.
2.A material’s warranty is issued by the manufacturer of the roof. It covers problems with the material quality. This is issued after the installation of the material and with this you will be able to get coverage for any defects or failures of the material.
3.A full system warranty is provided by the manufacturer and covers material, flashings and accessories and everything else used for the roofing system.

There are some situations where the warranties do not apply. These void the warranty. We have witnessed such problems with our clients in terms of commercial roofing in Dallas.

1.If you misuse the roof and there is a heap of debris accumulated on the roof and it is damaged, you will not be able to use the warranty. When the quality of the material or other associated things are not responsible for the issue, the manufacturer won’t be obliged to provide protection.
2.If the product or accessories are not approved by the warranty provider, they are not responsible for any damage, repairs and replacement. This is the reason why you need professional and reputable service providers.
3.It could void the warranty if moisture from any other part of the house affects the roof badly.
For the best quality roof, professional installation and a secured warranty, you need a reputable service provider for commercial roofing in Dallas. Contact our professional team at Preferred Roofing and get rid of these possible problems.