Winter is here. You may be preparing for the Christmas to make it more attractive and cheerful. As the Virus laden year has just a few days, we are here to aware you about the harsh winter weather. Incorporated with the heavy snow and strong winds, it may have a severe effect on your home, especially on your roof.

Our experts of Preferred Roofing have accumulated some of the tips. These will help you protect the home from the winter storm. Following this article, you will gradually know that how to safeguard your home from the unexpected natural calamities.

Let’s take a cursory look into the article.

  • Safeguard the pipes

Generally, frozen pipe bursts in the winter. It will cause you spending more dollars that you don’t want. Wrap the basement and space pipes with insulation to prevent this kind of scenario. Allow the pipe to flow warm water inside it, if the temperature is below freezing point. To keep the water moving, let the faucet drip for sometimes.

  • Buy a home generator

Due to heavy snowfall, the probability of power cut is higher. Eliminate this situation by installing a standby generator to keep the fridge, heating system and the light running. If your family member includes elderly people, this is a must one. You can consult with a professional electrician to install a generator.

  • Install a room heater

Room heater keeps the room temperature comfortable. Buying a room heater will be a clever task in this winter. Many room insulators are available in the market. Check the specifications before any of those.

  • Clean the gutters

Ensure that the roof gutters and the drains are not clogged with the leaves. Clean regularly to avoid the situations like cracking gutters, ice dam buildup, and the leaking of snow into the basement. For a detailed check-up, you can call a roofing company.

  • Trim the tree branches nearby your roof

Winter storm can heavily affect your roof falling the tree branches on your roof. Trim the tree branches instead to avoid this kind of situation. Instead of doing it yourself, you can call any of the professionals. This will save your precious time.

  • Call Preferred Roofing to fix any issues

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