Blog, flat roof repair . December 16, 2020

Winter is knocking at the door. The coldest temperatures and the snowfall will begin shortly. One question is brimming on your mind; what are the adverse effects can have on your roof? Do you need to call a flat roof repair specialist? Here, in this article, we will clear all your doubts by providing valuable information to you.

What damages snow can cause to your flat roofs?

  • Bowing- Falling the snow will cause putting unnecessary weight on the structure. This pressure will cause the roof to bow and ponding under the roof structure. Ponding the top will damage the integrity of the roof, followed by damaging the HVAC system.
  • Water leaking- Ponding damage can lead to water leaking. Leaks can be barely detected at first, and it will to costly damage.

Signs of the roof damage

  • Extreme ice on the edge of the roofs
  • Large ices falling from the roof
  • Leaks in the roof
  • Ceiling crack
  • It is displacing tiles on the roofs.

Some Tips for protecting the roof

  1. Call the flat roof repair expert before the snowing starts.
  2. Guess how much snow will accumulate on the flat roof and plan the cleaning process accordingly.
  3. Perform regular roof inspections to check the integrity of the flat roof.
  4. Check all the draining systems are functioning correctly.
  5. Clear snow from the surface of the roof.
  6. Make sure you are removing the dams.
  7. Check the location of the pipes and the ventilation to prevent more damage to those structures.
  8. Clear the gutters and the drains to prevent the water from logging in the roof.
  9. Call the professional snow remover if you are unable to remove the ice.

Benefits of hiring the professional roof repair company

  • You will get top-notch quality service from professionals.
  • Professionals will have all the equipment to clean your roof. You don’t have to pay anything extra.
  • You will get the suggestion from the professionals about your flat roof.

At Preferred Roofing in OKC, we will get you covered with our professional roof repairing services. Be it checking or cleaning the snow; we will do the needful according to your requirement. Call us now to know more.