Sprayed polyurethane foam or just spray foam are used for roofing repair for almost 45 years. Sprayed foam is an isocyanate and polyol mixture. These two components are fed through a machine that heats and pumps the two components into a spray gun that is then applied to the roof. It extends in size 20 to 30 times and forms a seamless and strong roofing structure. It takes a skilled professional to make the mix properly and spray it appropriately to make the layer thick. You need to contact a professional expert in various roofing companies in OKC.

Flat or low slope roofs are perfect for the implementation of foam.

Spray foam has many benefits:

  • Foam is inherently waterproof–the same material used to float docks.
  • Due to the distinctive implementation method, foam adheres heavily to the substrate.
  • It has the capacity to mold without seams or joints on your roofing surface to enable water to enter.
  • The removal of small fields and water ponding can be customized.
  • Wind harm resists.

The biggest benefit is power efficiency:

  • Reduces heating and cooling expenses (large in terms of energy and HVAC facilities).
  • Resists movement of heat and cooling in all directions.
  • The production of other insulation products requires less power.
  • Requires less transport and installation power.
  • It does not contain formaldehyde or other chemicals that may deplete the ozone.

Not all roofs are produced equal:

spray foam is not appropriate for every roofing project despite all the benefits. For example, some roofing materials may not bind the foam properly. Roofs that with snow loads that are heavy and require periodic clearing may not be suitable for spray foam implementation. Foam is usually a bad option for regions exposed to chemicals and grease. Chemicals can break down foam rapidly and degrade its protective characteristics. Finally, foam is not an optimal option in heavy bird or rodent traffic regions. There are alternatives and preventive measures to such issues, but another form of roofing fabric may be more suitable.

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