Eventually, you have to replace your commercial roof once its lifetime is over, no matter how proactive you are with roofs maintenance. The method roofing companies in OKC take in order to replace your roof depends on the roof type. The main phases of the flat roof replace method are described today. The following are:

Select the sort of flat roof you want: A number of flat roof choices would be given to you. BUR, single-ply membrane roofs, spray polyurethane foam, modified bitumen (asphalt) rolling and self-adhesive rolling are the most important choices.

Examine the Leaks

Many roof kinds have leaks, but a flat roof is especially leak-proof. It is important to determine where a leak has arisen, but to make sure that every basic material has the correctness. Try to find this point on the ceiling for flat roof repair, if you have a noticeable leak within the house. Replace all the products in the place and overlap so that no seams can be drained into the water.

Roof Framing

Do not skimp over the replacement of older timber below the earlier ceiling. Take time to check each piece of wood or box that is used when the ancient roofing material is cleanly scraped. Now’s the moment, if you see water damage, sprouts or nicks, to place fresh parts.

Small Slope Creating

A roof with a very tiny slope is still regarded flat. Take into account the middle of the roof. This path must only be sufficient to permit run-off. A small pitch can lengthen the life of the repaired ceiling with leaks as a major issue for a construction with a flat roof.

Quality Flashing

The blinker is round the ceiling by winds, chimneys, and other protrusions. Fundamental flashing is really cheap, but spring is something at the greater end. Flashing protects the roof against leaks, particularly for a flat ceiling.

Asphalt and Felt Rolls

Since placing on a roof is difficult, many breaks can be tempting. However, try to arrange your flat roof repair so that you do not have an asphalt felt layer finished. Asphalt rolls that isolate your roof go down best if it is not overheated while rolling and when handed on to the ceiling, the feel must be put on it as rapidly as possible. This should be performed as effectively as possible; if you can, obtain additional helping hands for this portion.


The roofing contractor inspects the roof once the roof is installed, makes sure that it is water-tight and makes final adjustments to the roof to make sure it is complete. You can ask questions and give your final consent here about the ceiling.

Clean up

Once your new roof has been installed, all the materials on the roof and the building are cleaned and removed – and cleaned and free of debris.
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