Blog, flat roof repair . February 10, 2021

A flat roof is known as any roof that has a pitch of less than 15 degrees and, when having a conservatory or house extension, remains a very common option for many homeowners. Flat roofs are unobtrusive, inexpensive and cheaper than conventional roofs and easier to maintain. However, insurers are often uncomfortable with insuring this type of roof due to the use of felt, asphalt-based and other similar materials because of concerns about their durability, especially as compared to more conventional slate, tiled or more recent EPDM roofs. See here how flat roof repair needs to be done.

How to repair a leaking flat roof

If you want to repair any splits, blisters or damage yourself, before committing to repairing the leak in your flat roof, you must first carefully inspect the damage.

You can start by inspecting the ceiling damage so that you can locate where the water from the roof comes in. When the roof is located, you can need to clear the roof of any debris or dirt to get a clearer view of the damage to see if you can see any visible damage.

Before you repair the leaking flat roof, you should then clear the region of any moisture or water. The most common damage found to felt roofs which need repair is splitting and blistering.

Flat Roof Maintenance

  • Regular Review

Many home and business owners fail as much as they can to check their roofs. Every year, you can check your flat roof thrice. Check it out even more often if you have tree branches hanging near the roof. After heavy snowfall in the winter and rainfall during the summer, inspect your roof. For pooling water, blisters, gaps, soft spaces (damaged insulation), and cracks, keep an eye out.

  • Clean It

Since debris piles on flat roofs more easily than on slanted roofs, routine maintenance is imperative. Fortunately, it is simpler and safer to walk on flat roofs than slanted roofs, making the chore of removing debris very simple.

  • Tree Trimming

Trim them back if you have trees with branches that hang over or touch your roof. You don’t want to fall on or brush up against any branches and scrape your roof. Moss may also find its way onto your roof from a nearby tree and start to spread, harming your roof.

  • Deal with Leaks

Call a professional to assess the condition and conduct the necessary repairs if your flat roof has a crack or is leaking elsewhere. As with any roof leaks, to avoid further damage, they should be taken care of immediately. Usually, leaks in flat roofs occur around flashes and seams.

  • Repair of Flat Roof from ‘Splitting’

For flat roofs, splitting is a fairly common issue, arising when from cracked or torn asphalt or felt material used for roof surface covering. This not only affects the roof’s exterior appearance, but it can also allow water to get in through the cracks and into your property’s interior, resulting in leaks and damp damage that can be difficult to repair in itself.

  • Repair of Flat Roof from ‘Ponding’

Ponding is typically caused by inadequate drainage, so check that your drains and guttering are clear and free of any leaves, sticks or other items that could obstruct it and prevent the water from running away if you have seen the beginnings of ponding on your flat roof.

However, even with clear drains, if your roof still suffers from ponding, you might need to install additional external gutters to help catch excess water, especially if the ponding occurs around the edges of the roof; whereas automatic pumps may be used to deal with ponding that cannot easily run off in more central areas of the roof.

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