Blog, flat roof repair . March 2, 2022

Honestly, we all want something easy on your pocket, like repairing holes in the driveway, replacing gutters, etc. However, we all be careful about the fact that things should not be that cheap that you don’t get the best value. After all, you do not want to repair something with just $20 and then repair it again the next year. Here, you will know everything about the flat gravel roof.

Why Tearing A Flat Gravel Roof Is Not A Good Option?

It is no doubt a self-explanatory thing. Tearing off the whole roof is no doubt expensive. You have to consider removing the entire roof, bringing all the materials to the landfill, then installing the roofing system. Well, you do not have to do that since you can build your new roof on the existing one.

When it comes to flat roof repair, it is possible to install a single roofing system. As per the building code, it is possible to have only two roofing systems. If you are having two installed, you have to remove them at least before starting with the new one. Similarly, if your roof is a decent condition, then you do not have to remove the pre-existing roofing.

Reasons to Put Gravel on a Flat Roof?

There are different reasons behind putting gravel on the flat commercial building. Mainly there are three reasons behind putting gravel on the flat roof. It helps in safeguarding the layer underneath, which often happens with the built-up roofs. Also, gravel weights down the roofing material just like the single-ply flat roofs. For all these goals, various types of gravel are used on flat roofs.

Gravels Are Used For Protecting the Built-Up Roofs

A built-up roof is also known as the tar and gravel roof. It is one of the tried flat roof types. For building a long-lasting roofing system, alternate layers of roof felt are used along with hot asphalt. Above all, to protect the roof from any external elements like UV rays, a gravel layer is used on the final asphalt coat. It helps in the retention of the gravel.

What is the Purpose of Gravel on a Flat Roof?

Two factors motivate the ballasted roofing system. As the gravel coat gives the weight, the roofing materials remain glued to the decking. Using specially designed screw as well as plate fastening arrangement, the gravel can be applied at a lot less time. The ballasts keep the roofing system cool and prevent sun damage.

Want a Gravel Roofing System For Your Commercial Building?

Gravel is no doubt useful as it helps in preventing the UV rays from damaging the roof. At Preferred Roofing, we provide commercial roofing services to various clients. Call us today!