Blog, roofing companies in okc . March 10, 2022

Do you think it’s time to install a new roof on your house?

Maybe a storm took a few shingles with it, or you notice leaks and cracks or it’s just plain old.

Whatever the reason may be, you are probably wondering how much it is going to cost you.

It would be a novice mistake to go in without gleaning a respectable approximate of the cost. At the same time, it can be incredibly difficult to reach a guesstimate given the many factors that impact the cost. Add to that roofing companies‘ general avoidance of upfront money talk, but don’t worry. Preferred Roofing has got you covered. In this article we are going to give you an accurate estimate of how much it costs to replace or install a roof?

Average Cost of Replacing a Roof VS Installing a New Roof

Installing a completely new roof is more resource and labor intensive than simply renovating the old one. Hence, it’s usually the pricier option.

How to Determine the Cost of Replacing or Installing a Roof?

Here are 4 factors that roofing companies consider when deciding their costs:

  • Roofing Material

The type of roofing material you opt for is going to be an important detail in your price estimation. There is huge selection of materials to choose from, shingles and other components which all cater to different needs and budgets.

While asphalt shingles serve a tight budget well, metal shingles are the more ergonomic alternative. If you’re willing to investigate the pricier end of things, you can also consider slate and tile.

In addition to the shingles, a roof also consists of –

  1. Underlayment
  2. Ice and Water Shield
  3. Ventilation
  4. And Ridge capping

Don’t forget to include these costs to the tally.

  • Labor and Time

This is the most variable factor. It is always a good idea to have your roofing companies over to assess your property for a proper quote on this. Tearing off the old shingles, cleaning up post construction, it all consumes a lot of manpower. Do understand that different companies can have different rates. These rates are measured by the contractor’s efficiency and experience, accessibility of the roof etc.

  • Ease of Access of Roof

If your roof sits at an odd angle or is hard to access, it is going to take additional machinery and equipment to reach it. Even the distance between the dumptruck and the roof is going to factor when evaluating accessibility. The extra labor is going cost you extra bucks.

  • Size and Make of Your Roof

This is a rather obvious addition but important, nevertheless. The square footage of your roof decides the quantity of material used, labor and time, which in turn effects your payable amount.

The more complex adjunct to size is the complexity of the make of your roof. The number and position of facets, hips, vallies and the roof’s slope is going to determine the effort and time needed which again adds to the cost.

Quality Roofing at Affordable Rates

If you have reached this far, congratulations! You now know how to calculate the average cost of replacing or installing a roof. Preferred Roofing provides the best commercial and residential roofing solutions in the entirety of Oklahoma City. With more than 25 years of experience, we promise roofs that stand the test of time without burning a hole in your pocket. Visit our website for free quote today!