Spray Foam Roofing OKC, Blog . July 20, 2020

Spray foam roofing is done for better durability as well as appearance of the roof. Yet, certain things need to be kept in mind before installation. There are two factors in this article that describe the perfect spray foam thickness for the roof:

  • Which sort of roof structure are you using? Smooth BUR, gravel BUR or anything else?
  • Is there a minimum building code for you to get an R-value?

What’s the Most Excellent Insulation for Roof Built-Up?

The thumb rule is that, if your home has a gravel built-up roof, an average 1.5 inches of spray foam are required to get the correct smooth surface profile.

It is because you need a wet-vac device in order to remove gravel and loose dirt from the roof. What is left, due to the underlying gravel, are place on a surface that is rough.

But the roof slope must then be determined.

  • Slope is built into the deck
  • Roof is built with slope
  • The slop is flat

If the slope is put into the roof, the slope works continuously with an application of spray foam with 1.5 inches.

If the channel is incorporated into the roof, 1.5 inches of spray foam can be mounted, and drainage saddles are constructed between drains to assist in water flow.

You’ll have to select at least of 1.5 inches while the slope roof is relatively level, but then you’re confident the roof retains the water and how deep the soil previously.

For order to clear these low areas, you must add more foam to make a slope towards the drains.

For every roof this is different, due to the drains are situated in different locations.

What Is the Best Thickness for Spray Foam over a Smooth Build Up?

You should mount at least one inch spray foam on these styles of roofs as far as the roof has the right slope.

Otherwise, you will add another centimeter of foam in the most distant areas.

The most desirable installation is a 1 inch near the drains and an average of 1.5 inches away from the drains.

The most significant thing to take off is; it is dependent on the type of roof that you look at that the best spray foam thickness.

Which Is the Perfect Spray Foam in the World?

During times when the current roof is too dirty, everything can be removed to the deck and started full.

This is usually at 25% saturation and found at the time of an infrared inspection.

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