Blog, Roof Repair OKC . June 8, 2020

Since summer has approached the city there are two types of roofs that are getting popularity. These are cool roofs and solar roofs. Both of the roofs are designed for improving the roofs of residential and commercial building. Let’s see the differences of cool roofs and a roof with solar panels. For errors in these two types of roofs, if you need immediate repair, call professionals. Do not try DIYs as it can increase risks.

Cool Roofs

The cool roofs are engineered in such a way that helps reflect heat and also discharges the radiation back to the environment. It makes the roof type cool as it reduces the heat transmission inside the home or the commercial building. The cool roof is generally white and this color reflects more heat and has less absorption rate. Apart from white, color cool roofs also have other colors.

Cool Roof Advantages

  • Cool roofs can be installed over existing roofs thus costly tear-off and landfill fill up are reduced.
  • These are non-toxic.
  • Have no toxic fumes or other poisonous substances that may harm the residents of the building and the environment.
  • These roofs are safe and manageable and do not need costly disposal.
  • 30% material is recyclable.
  • This is non-inflammable.
  • It helps reduce energy cost.
  • The life span is of 20 years.

Solar Roof

Roofs with solar panels have unmatched advantages. From energy to improving value of the home, it works from many aspects.


Solar panels reduce energy bills. After installing solar panels, you will see a drastic drop in your energy bills. This roof lasts for 25 to 35 years that means you can enjoy reduced energy bill for this long time.

The solar panels installed on roofs increase the value of the home. It takes less time for installation. The home consumer will enjoy the benefits while reselling the home.

Apart from reduced energy bills you can earn extra with this roof. Solar renewable energy credits (SRECs) and net metering are the two prime benefits that help building owner to earn bill credits or extra cash as your building produces electricity.

Solar panel reduces carbon emission to the environment. It also helps the state to be energy independent.

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