Blog, roofing companies . March 24, 2021

Eaves, shingles, and chimneys get all the attention when it comes to roof components. The majority of people are aware of their intent and appearance. However, there are a slew of other less well-known components with names that may sound odd at first. Regardless of whether they are aesthetic, functional, or both, they all play an important role in your home.

Soffit and fascia are two of these lesser-known components. Both are finished roof surfaces that keep you dry and wet, but they can be difficult for novice roofers. Fixing and maintaining them on your own could be costly if you lack the necessary expertise. Instead, go for an experienced and professional roofing company who can help you with 360 degree roofing service.


The surface under the edge of your roof is referred to as fascia board. It’s attached to the rafters at the point where the roof and gutters meet, and it’s normally made of weather-resistant wood.

Fascia serves as a buffer between nature and the roof’s perimeter, for example. If it rots and splits due to damaged eaves or a bad storm, you might end up with water damage or even worse: a family of bats, raccoons, or squirrels that break in during the night. Therefore, routine maintenance is important.


The underside of the overhanging part of your roof is made up of soffit.

It usually has a lot of small holes in it to help with even ventilation and directing heat and moisture out of the attic. This not only prevents rot and mould from forming, but it also increases the overall quality of the air in your house, and thus your family’s health. Soffit should be made of long-lasting, water-resistant materials like vinyl or UPVC to get the most out of these advantages.

Soffit, like fascia, can be used to compliment a home’s architecture. The right color, combined with the right design, whether smooth or paneled, can breathe new life into areas of the house that are rarely considered until there is an issue.

Why Vinyl Soffit and Fascia Outperforms the Others

Now that you understand what soffit and fascia are and why they’re relevant, you’ll need to figure out which form to get in order to reap the most benefits.

Soffit and fascia are primarily made of wood, aluminum, and vinyl, as previously mentioned. Since wood soffit and fascia is prone to rotting and warping when exposed to moisture, they aren’t a good choice.

Aluminum fascia and soffit take in heat and cause your attic and roof to become excessively hot, lowering your home’s energy efficiency since you will have to use your air conditioner more often.

Soffit and fascia made of vinyl are unquestionably the best. Vinyl is practically maintenance-free since it resists cracking, warping, and rotting. You’ll just have to clean it every now and then.

Plus, you have more choices with vinyl and can also select wood grain finishes if you want the charm of wood without any negative effect. Vinyl is also the most energy-efficient alternative since it repels rain, snow, rodents, and insects better than wood or aluminum.

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