Blog, Spray Foam Roofing OKC . November 10, 2019

Compared to other residential roofing options, foam roofing is a durable, reliable and inexpensive alternative, as well as commercial roofing options.

Although foam roofing has been around for several years, it has lately gained popularity. Compared to other roofing alternatives, this roofing technique provides multiple value-added benefits and spray foam roofing in OKC is a popular choice.

What Is Spray Foam Roofing?

Foam roofing comprises foam and the elastomeric layer of polyurethane. Polyurethane foam is an insulating material of high density, while the elastomeric coating is a water-resistant membrane intended to safeguard the roof from rain, water and sun.

A seamless foam layer is added to the surface of the ceiling. This foam provides superior moisture protection. For business and residential buildings, foam roofing has several advantages. Here are just some of the ways that foam roofing can be installed on your roof.


Low Energy Bills

One of the advantages of foam roofing is that it provides superior characteristics of insulation. The foam’s suspended aluminum particles mirror UV rays. As a result, less heating is needed during the winters to keep the house warm, and less cooling is needed in the summer to keep your home cool. This efficiently lowers your bills for home energy.

Chemically Stable

Roof insulation spray foam is inert, but U.V. must protect this form of roof insulation from sunlight. Elastomeric coating scheme resistant to the ceiling. A spray foam roof has no smell and prevents mold attack and has no dietary significance. While spray foam roofing is applied, there are no poor odors.

Less Thermal Shock

Spray foam roofing can significantly decrease the impacts of thermal shock on a structure due to characteristics such as being seamless, having a large “R” value, and is shielded by a white elastomeric layer.


On both new buildings, as well as replacing old roofs, spray foam roofs can be used. Spray foam is a great choice for flat, pitched, saw-toothed and domed slopes or settings that are uncommon. Also, spray foam is an optimal spray application for tanks, freezers, refrigerators, piping, ductwork and other strange employment.


Spray foam roofs consist of closed cells for billions of minutes that resist water and vapor penetration. However, it must be shielded for use in an indoor setting by an elastomeric roof cover or crushed rock.


By re-applying additional roof coatings, the elastomeric roof coating system protects the spray roof insulation. This does not occur until after many years of service the original coatings scheme has faded. A quality coating’s average wear has a lifespan of about 15-20 years only if you hire a reputed roofing company in OKC.

Structural Integrity

Polyurethane foam can withstand the structure’s expansion and contraction. For a very long time, they can remain sealed to the roof, protecting the roof from harsh weather. Here in Oklahoma, foam can readily resist high winds, sunshine, rain, and other natural components without breaking down.

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