Blog, spray foam roofing . September 21, 2022

Were you looking for the best roofing substance to compete for spray foam roofing? You might have to spend a lot of time to realize that nothing comes close to this durable material. The impressive part lies in their overall performance and longevity. Note that SPF systems helped thousands of homeowners in OKC to enhance interior comfort and energy efficiency.

Spray foam roofing boasts fascinating waterproofing and insulative properties that other commercial roofing substances do not comprise. This post is all about introducing people in OKC to this exceptional material. We will also share how Preferred Roofing can provide superior-quality service to meet your needs. The wait is over! Let’s take a deep dive into this information-laden blog.

Getting Started with the Definition

The combination of polyol and isocyanate under immense pressure and heat gives rise to spray polyurethane foam. The spraying of these chemicals takes place in liquid form, and their reaction formulates a lightweight, sturdy, and completely adhered roofing membrane. Since the late 1970s, spray foam roofing has been gaining popularity in building construction and roofing.

The Preparatory Phase Before the Installation

If you follow the advice of any renowned roofing company (like Preferred Roofing), proper roof preparation is mandatory before installing spray foam. The process begins with the assurance that the roof is sound and dry. Next, the pros opt for a thorough visual inspection and eliminate all the wet regions. Then, they replace these portions with similar roofing substances and ensure that the roof is sound.

The Art of Applying Spray Foam on Roofs

Spray foam follows the spray application method using which the thin-layered foam adheres to the substrate. This substance begins to expand 20 to 30 times within a few seconds. What’s the thickness requirement, then? A minimum of 1-2”. This thickness varies depending upon the slope, R-value preferences, building codes, and other variables. Here is what a complete spray foam roofing consists of:

  • Elastomeric Coating Basecoat
  • Spray Polyurethane Foam
  • Elastomeric Coating Topcoat
  • Granule Embedment

What Makes Preferred Roofing So Special?

You can expect a 15-year warranty of SPF coating from experienced roofing contractors (like the ones in Preferred Roofing.) We take 100 percent responsibility for our work and provide the most appropriate roofing solutions. Our skilled team has been in this business for 25 years, having exceptional experience in metal roof coatings, Spray Polyurethane Foam, and other commercial and residential roofing systems in OKC. Let us bring the ultimate roofing solutions to your doorstep.