Blog, roofing companies in okc . February 21, 2023

Roofers are like superheroes of the housing world, protecting our homes from the elements and ensuring our comfort and safety. However, like some superheroes have their evil counterparts, scammers are waiting to take advantage of unsuspecting homeowners by presenting themselves as reliable roofing companies.

Your focus on this article will help you take a closer look at how roofing scams are happening and how to identify them. What’s more? You will learn the art of choosing the best roofing companies in Oklahoma City to avoid being victims of a roofing scam. So, grab your capes, and let’s get started!

Ways in Which Roofing Scams are Happening

Roofing scams are becoming increasingly common and scammers use different tactics to lure people.

  • One standard method is by going door-to-door and offering roofing services. They may use high-pressure sales tactics, offering a low price that seems too good to be true. They may claim to have leftover materials from another job or give you an estimate without even looking at the roof.
  • Another scam is the storm chaser, which involves roofing companies that follow storms and natural disasters, offering their services to homeowners whose roofs have undergone sustainable damage. These companies may use scare tactics and pressure homeowners to sign contracts without giving them enough time to decide.

The Best Ways to Identify Roofing Scams

You can refrain from roofing scams by being aware of them and learning how to identify them.

  1. First, be wary of roofing companies that offer their services door-to-door. Legitimate companies don’t usually go door-to-door looking for a business.
  2. Second, only trust the roofers who provide an estimate after looking at your roof. A legitimate company will always perform an inspection before giving you an estimate.
  3. Third, be cautious of companies that use scare tactics or pressure you to make a quick decision. A reputable roofing company will always give you time to decide and won’t pressure you into signing a contract.
  4. Fourth, research the company before hiring them. View reviews online and ask for references from past customers. Companies with good reputation will be happy to provide references.

The Path to Professional Roofing Companies in Oklahoma

Choosing the right roofing professional is essential to ensuring that your roof gets proper repair or replacement. Here are some tips to help you select a professional roofing company in OKC:

Experience! Experience! Experience: Choose a company with several years of experience in the roofing industry. It will ensure they have the knowledge and expertise to handle roofing projects.

Licensing and Insurance Are Must-Haves: Make sure that the roofing contractor you choose has the license and insurance for work. It will protect you from unwanted damages or accidents during the roofing job.

Pay Attention to References: Ask the company for references from past customers. Roofers with good intentions will be happy to provide references.

Multiple Estimates Matter: Get estimates from at least three different roofing contractors. That will help you compare prices and services.

Another Vital Consideration: Ensure the company offers warranties for their work. That’s a sure-shot way to give you peace of mind knowing that you are covered if anything goes wrong.

How is Oklahoman Law Resisting Roofing Scams?

Oklahoma has taken steps to resist roofing scams and protect homeowners. In 2017, the Oklahoma legislature passed the “Roofing Contractor Registration Act,” which requires roofing companies to register with the state and obtain a license to operate. The law requires these companies to carry liability and worker’s compensation insurance.

The law also prohibits companies from waiving deductibles or offering to pay homeowners to allow them to use their insurance. This practice is illegal in Oklahoma and can result in fines and legal action.

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