Does your roof get holes or punctures even after getting regular repairs? This is because most roofing materials are prone to getting holes after a while. Certain materials do not get punctured. Surprised? Well, you might have heard about spray foam roofing material which is in trend now.

It does not let your roof get damaged and can last for a long time. Most roofing companies swear by this material and claim that it is very easy to install and won’t interrupt your daily routine at the facility. They have been used for almost 60 years and are preferred for commercial and industrial roofs because of their waterproofing abilities. Keep scrolling to learn how spray foam can make your life easier.

The Application Process

To understand why most roofing companies prefer this material, you must read how spray foam roofing is installed. Spray foam roofing can be installed over a pre-existing roof, and it isn’t a very hard process either. The roofing contractor must mix two chemicals to form the actual material. Once that is done, they have to be heated to ensure that all the proportions are correct. After that is checked, the roofer puts it into a spray gun and applies it directly onto the roof.

The Durability of Spray Foam Roofing

In order to choose the right roofing material, you must see which one can last longer. Spray foam roofing materials are known to last for almost 30 years, depending on how much maintenance it obtains. This is the best solution for people who do not want a roof replacement, but the roof is too damaged to be just repaired.

Maintenance of Spray Foam Roofing System

Now that you know that a spray foam roofing system can only last long if appropriately maintained- let’s talk about maintenance. Several weather events can damage part of your roof, but you must take proper care of that.

You have to get it primed and recoated once every ten years for it to stay in shape. You have to inspect it for any damage regularly, and if it is a high-quality spray foam, then it can last for 50 years. If you see any damage, you can cut that area out and apply caulk there to smooth it.


There are many benefits of applying spray foam to your roof. Some of those benefits are discussed here:

  • The spray foam roofing system is known to be quite thick so it can give your high building insulation. This automatically helps to reduce your electricity bill.
  • The best part about the spray foam roofing system is that you can easily renew it by simply recoating the damaged area.
  • Another significant part is the easy installation of spray foam.


The cost of a spray foam roofing system depends on a lot of factors. The cost of the roofing material can vary due to the location and where it will be installed. Different roofing systems affect how the spray foam is going to be installed.

The Final Thought

Now that you know how great a spray foam roofing system can be for your roof try contacting Preferred Roofing. They have been in this industry since 1993 and have only delivered excellent work. They are known to give a stress-free warranty, so call to get your free estimate today.